Violet is 6 months old!

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Six months have gone by in the blink of an eye. Here’s what my sweetie is up to:

  • A couple of weeks ago this young ‘un sprouted some teeth! She’s got two little chompers on the bottom, and the way she’s drooling and fussing lately, I suspect two more will be coming in on the top soon. She loves to chew on teethers, toys, knuckles, bibs, her dresses…pretty much anything she can get to her mouth.
  • No more acid reflex, hooray! We stopped the medication over a week ago, and she’s been nursing like a champ.
  • She found something else to put her in mouth…her toes! She’s a lot more dexterous at six months. Every time we get the diaper off she curls up her legs and pops those big toes in her mouth. Yum, yum!
  • A few weeks back Violet started blowing raspberries. I tried so hard to get a video of it to send James, who has been out of town this entire month, but never got a very good one. And now she doesn’t seem to want to do it anymore. Funny – I remember when Liam started blowing raspberries, he kept it up because it got us to laugh. And he’s STILL trying to get a laugh out of us. I wonder what this might indicate about her personality?
  • Speaking of Liam, he is MUCH more enamored of his sister these days. He gets down on her level and plays with her, talks to her, tries to get her to laugh. Every morning he reads board books to her. When she falls over he sets her back up, and he’s always proclaiming that Violet loves him, and he loves her, too. It’s really adorable. Well, until she cries. Then he complains about her, yells at her, and tells me, “This is why I never wanted a baby sister.”
  • Our sleeping arrangements are soooo much better now! I didn’t have much luck getting her to sleep in her crib, so I moved the pack n’ play out of my bedroom and into her room next to her crib. It’s much easier for me to lay her down without waking her up there anyway. And for the past three weeks, save for a couple of nights when we were all sick, she’s been sleeping all through the night. She goes to bed around 8 PM and wakes up around 6 AM. I’ve been slowly throttling back on the swaddle, letting one arm out at first, and now she sleeps with both arms out. I still bounce her to sleep on the yoga ball with the pacifier in her mouth, and I can usually lay her down without waking her, though it sometimes takes a couple of tries. I’ve even had some luck laying her down with her eyes open and letting her cry for ten minutes. She’s getting much better at self soothing.
  • Violet loves eating pureed bananas, and not much else. We’ve tried butternut squash, sweet potatoes with carrots, peas, corn, green beans, and avocado. It could be a texture issue – I’m making all this food myself, so I may not be getting it pureed finely enough. And I’m sure the sweetness of the banana is a contributing factor. Perhaps I’ll buy some pears and peas at the store and see if I have better luck with those. Thankfully I’ve always got brown bananas on hand.

And because this cute little outfit is so adorable, here’s a better shot of it. Aunt Barb always sends the most adorable clothes for the kids!



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