A family movie outing

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I could hardly wait all year for the new Star Wars installment to hit the theaters. It’s the first new movie since the disappointing prequels, and the reviews claimed this one was a huge hit. Liam is only a luke-warm Star Wars fan (pun intended, ha!), and Violet is past her sleeping-all-day phase, so I knew it was going to be a challenge. But it’s Star Wars (!!!). I had to give it a shot.

10489966_1127490407261072_4066073151441130583_nSo James, Liam, Violet and I headed to the Warren Theater on a Tuesday to see the noon show. We allowed ourselves plenty of time in case the theater was crowded, and thankfully it wasn’t. We had the cry room to ourselves, in fact, which was a bonus because Violet had two explosively poopy diapers. The first one happened right when we got there, so while James handled the food I was able to clean her up in the bathroom. She peed all over the changing pad while I was changing her, so it was a bit of a fiasco. But I managed to get her dry and into fresh clothes long before the movie started. Liam and James were so impressed with the cry room that they decided to stay in there with me despite the risk of noisy interruptions. And there were plenty of those. I felt like I was in constant flux, putting Vi down on the floor to play, picking her up to nurse, bouncing her up and down to nap, cradling her with my arm asleep while I munched on kit kats, and repeating the whole process again and again as the movie progressed. I missed a few bits with the second diaper change (I was able to stay in the room, at least, instead of heading back to the bathroom), and then Liam started getting bored about halfway through and kept trying to talk to me. At one point he sat on the floor and entertained his sister – this sibling thing is finally starting to pay off! It turns out 2.5 hours is just a smidge too long for my almost seven year old’s attention span. But he seemed to enjoy most of it, even if the plot points went over his head.

Despite the constant interruptions, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I’m hoping to see it again – my mom offered to watch Violet so my dad and I can go see it while I’m in KC over the holiday. But we’ll see…Violet has been especially fussy today, and I think she’s teething again. She still won’t take bottles, and she’s not entirely thrilled with solid food. I usually only leave her with a babysitter for an hour at a time, or two hours, tops. Perhaps if I time it with her naps, or if I put her to bed before we go, we can manage it. How did I end up with such high-maintenance children?!


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