Violet is 8 months old!

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Words cannot describe her cuteness right now. But I’m gonna try. Here’s what my sweetheart has been up to this month:

  • Violet is finally rolling over! I knew she was just holding out on me! I noticed she didn’t fuss so much when I laid her down on her back, so we’ve been trying to leave her there longer and longer so she can get used to it. One morning I left her lying amongst her toys while Liam and I ate breakfast in the dining room. When I came back she was on her tummy. Sneaky lil’ thing!
  • And now that’s she’s rolling over, she’s starting to get her knees up under her. She still doesn’t love being on her belly, and she’s nowhere near crawling. But it’s definitely a start.
  • She enjoys eating solid food a lot more now. She’s able to nosh on whole cheerios and small pieces of bread without too much trouble. I added a little salt and pepper to an avocado we were sharing and she just about inhaled it. She loves whole milk yogurt, and I discovered these applesauce and fruit medleys in squeezable pouches that work perfectly for restaurants. She loves those, too. She’s definitely not a fan of peas, but she seems to like green beans a little more now. And while carrots are not a hit with her, her brother finally tried his first baby carrot the other day and declared that he likes carrots now. Only took six and a half years, lol!
  • We’ve transitioned out of the infant carrier and into a regular car seat. Despite her small stature, I can barely stand to lift her from the car and up the stairs into the living room. Liam’s old car seat was set to expire this year, so we bought a new one that is much smaller and more light-weight, and touted as one of the best for airline travel. Plus it was purple, so I couldn’t resist!
  • Violet had her first haircut at grandma’s house. It wasn’t a huge deal – I just trimmed up her bangs and the little baby mullet she was sporting in the back. Her hair is coming in blonder now, much lighter than mine was and darker than Jill’s was. James had light hair as a baby, so it might come from him. It curls a bit on the ends, but it’s still too soon to tell if she’ll inherit my bouncy baby curls.
  • Bye bye baby bathtub! Violet is also taking baths in the big tub now. It’s still a little early for this (maybe? I don’t really remember when Liam started it), but we figured we couldn’t get the baby tub to Greece in enough time, so why not try it now? And she sits up so well, she took to it just fine. She had a little spill in the tub yesterday, and she was NOT HAPPY about the water that got up her nose. But I only fill is a couple of inches, and I always sit nearby, so it’s all good.
  • She still pretty much only says “Mama”, but James heard her call him “Nah Mama” just like that baby dinosaur on that old ‘90s TV show. She also called my mom “Inga” once, so that might be a thing? Liam thought she might start calling my dad “Nah Inga.”

And because we just can’t get enough of her cuteness, here are some more photos from today:





This whole photo shoot with the house plant seemed like a good idea until she got a piece of vegetation in her mouth. I think she managed to swallow it. Extra fiber, right?


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