Bye Bye, Derby Kansas

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We’ve moved a lot in the past decade, only staying in one place for a year or two at best. At 2 years and 8 months, Derby, KS counts as the longest of our stays. That’s probably why it’s also the hardest to leave. I’ve made a lot of friends here, and so has Liam. Living close to family has been both a blessing and a curse — wonderful to see them so much more often than we used to, but also more difficult to say goodbye. Liam cried when we left my sister’s house for the last time. I told him we could still keep in touch by writing letters and video chatting online, but to a kid his age, it just isn’t the same.

It feels like we’ve been talking about this move for ages (since August, I think). We did a lot of preparing, and yet the actual moving part feels like a complete mess so far. Moving overseas has proven to be an incredibly complex endeavor. Months before we left we had a laundry-list of things to accomplish. In the weeks before the movers arrived we had to figure out what we were taking and what we were storing. I thought we had a pretty good system, but when the movers arrived on Thursday it was still chaotic. First they packed a roughly 5′ square box of essentials that would ship by air to Greece in about a week or two. We filled it with mostly kid stuff, toys and clothes and items we didn’t think we could live without for months at a time and that couldn’t fit in our luggage. It filled up fast. Next came the larger items that would ship by sea — Liam’s bed, Violet’s crib, the glider, most of Liam’s toys, books and DVDs, two flat-screen TVs, a couple of blue-ray players, my bike and outdoor toys for the kids. It felt like a lot. We were allotted 7000 lbs, and by some miracle we came in under that. And at the very end of the evening, a tow truck came to haul away the car. Depending on the weather conditions at sea, we can expect all of these things to arrive sometime between two and six months from now. The car will probably take the longest — they have to tag and license it in Greece before we can get it.

Friday morning the movers came back bright and early to start in on packing everything else for storage. But they were ill-prepared for the amount of books they kept finding in every available cabinet. They didn’t end up finishing until 7:30 that night, and since we only had one car (a minivan that James wisely rented to fit all of our luggage in), we couldn’t check into the hotel until well after the kids bedtimes. Violet and I started to come down with a cold, just what I had been worrying over the past week. So many little details got overlooked: my winter coats, scarves and gloves all got packed with the sea shipment, along with all of the baby spoons. We forgot to pack all of our cookie sheets, the cutting boards and mixing bowls — they all went into storage. And I have a feeling we’ll be finding more things like this in the coming weeks.

Saturday morning we all got hair cuts, then while Liam spent the afternoon (and night, thank god) with friends down the street, James and I toiled away at cleaning up the house and collecting and tossing stuff the movers couldn’t pack. Nothing liquid could ship or store, so it was a lot of stuff. I was feeling sicker by the minute, and poor Violet could hardly breathe. But we managed to make the house presentable in time for our walk-through with the owners, and we got our entire deposit back. Neighbors let us borrow vacuums and brooms, and my mom helped watch the kids while the movers were here. It was great to have so much help!

Our flight doesn’t leave until Wednesday and I’d planned to eat at our favorite restaurants and take Liam out bowling and to Exploration Place. I was hoping to say a last goodbye to friends. But the worst of the cold hit Sunday, and what with the temperatures dipping down into the 20s with horrendous wind-chills (and me not having a proper coat, doh!), I thought better of leaving the hotel. I’m feeling a little bit better today (Monday), and my friend Tracy graciously offered to take Liam out bowling with her granddaughter after we had a chance to visit in the hotel lobby. James is applying copious amounts of Zicam to his nostrils in hopes of staving off the worst of this cold. I fear Liam will come down with it just as we’re leaving, but at least I can dose him up with some sleepy-time Dimatapp. It’s Violet I’m the most worried about. There’s not much I can do for her symptoms. But she seems to be on the mend, slowly but surely.

This will likely be my last Greece-related post here. Check the new blog for updates about our arrival and continuing adventures overseas. I’ll be posting more personal things about family and the kids on Mandy’s Motherhood Musings. Violet turns 9 months old soon. Can you believe it?


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