Violet is 9 months old!

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I didn’t realize until I checked my email this morning that my baby was hitting her nine month mark. Baby Center had to remind me. Amid the chaos in our life right now, here’s what my little nine-month-old has been up to:

  • She’s pulling up from sitting! And the only way we found this out was when we put together her crib. We had it on the highest setting, and just as I was telling James that we’ll have to readjust it when she starts pulling up, she went and pulled herself up, lol. Now she’s pulling up in the tub, too. When Liam did that I thought it was super cute until he fell and knocked his head. Now I gently but firmly sit her back down. No standing in the tub, little girl!
  • Is that a new tooth? Or not? It’s hard to tell. It feels like she’s had the same two teeth forever (almost four months now), and I’m surprised that no other ones have come through. Today I thought I spied another coming up on the bottom, and I stuck my fingers in her mouth before I realized we’d been on mass transit all day and my hands were probably filthy. Hello, February cold! Wonderful.
  • We have no carpeting in our new house, and at first I was leery of putting her on the hard wood floor. But she seldom falls over when she sits, and I think she likes the ease of movement on it better now. She can scoot herself quite far now, just a bitty bit at a time. You almost don’t notice it until you look up and realize she’s not where you left her. Sometimes she’ll lean way over and end up on her belly. She’ll flail around a bit, but still can’t quite get those arms and legs working right for crawling. Which is a good thing. We have A LOT of stairs now.
  • This girl loves to go places. I carry her everywhere in the Bjorn, which she absolutely loves. I won’t be surprised if she refuses the stroller when it eventually gets here. She loves to watch people — when we’re waiting at the bus stop, when we’re riding the bus or the train, or just walking around. And she’ll grin at anyone who talks to her, in whatever language they speak. The Greeks LOVE her.
  • She is full on into finger food. Not much actually makes it down her throat, but she’s gotten quite good at picking things up with those little pincers. They don’t sell baby food here, so she eats whatever I can get my hands on: applesauce, yogurt, Chicken Tikka Masala. Yep, this girl seriously loves spicy Indian food!

And because I couldn’t choose just one, here are more photos from today.


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