A playdate for Violet

February 18, 2016 at 3:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It amazes me how different one child can be from another. Or at least my memory of said child — it has been awhile since Liam was nine months old, and his monthly write up doesn’t jive with my memory of his personality at that time. I do remember him eating just about everything I gave him. But I also remember him being sensitive about getting hurt. But maybe that came later. And I could swear that he was crawling at nine months, but I guess he wasn’t quite there yet. Violet isn’t, either. In fact, I feel like she’s a little bit behind him with pulling up and cruising.

At any rate, we had a big play date today at the embassy, and I can assure you that my children handle crowds of children in very different ways. While Liam would have been crying in my arms every time a child got near him or lightly tapped him, Violet was totally fine with the chaos. One little girl kept stepping on her foot, and it did not phase her in the slightest. Mind you, this could all change as she approaches two. I remember Liam’s personality did a 180 right around 20 months or so. But I think having a big brother all up in her grill everyday has made her more tolerant of strange kids crawling all over her. Which is a welcome change to my little Brazilian soccer player. You know, because he’s always faking an injury. Heh.


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