Dino Daze the Musical

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A few weeks ago Liam had his very first school play. It was a much bigger affair than I’d thought it would be, complete with costumes, musical numbers, stage sets and a captive audience of parents, grandparents, and siblings. They held it in the middle of the day — in the States something like this would have been in the evening. James wasn’t able to come because he’d just started work, but I think the expectations for working dads are a little different in this country. He may need to take off work for events like this. We’re happy to adapt!

Liam played the part of a fossil, and he and the other children made their little costumes in art class with the help of some high schoolers and parents. He got a bit jostled when he first went up to the mic, so he spoke his first line with a scowl. But shortly after he sang with gusto, and all was good. I ended up sitting on the wrong side of the theater, so my photos didn’t turn out well. Thankfully the school hired a photographer and posted them to the website. Violet and I snuck over to the other side of the theater and once Liam spied his sister, he started waving and making kissy faces at her. At one point one of the kids had to jab him in the side to remind him to stand up and sing, ha ha! Here are more photos of Liam in the play:


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