Monkey Arms and the Introvert

March 19, 2016 at 4:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The kids continue to thrive here in Greece. Violet doesn’t appear to be growing much…except in the arms. We always marvel at the length of her reach — we call her Monkey Arms whenever she grabs something we didn’t think she could get to. But the other day I noticed that while her nine-month long-sleeved onsies still fit her torso, the arms are about half an inch too short. So she really DOES have monkey arms!

Yesterday Liam got invited to a big play date out in Melissia, one of the further-afield suburbs. I met a few new moms, and my little introvert stuck to my side for the first hour or so. Most of the kids his age and older played soccer out in the field, but Liam has little interest in sports. The house had a balcony all the way around the apartment, so he mostly played on his own running around there. Pizza arrived, and he had a little spaz-attack about the smell. Thankfully the residence was so large we could carve out a little quiet nook away from the kitchen. Finally, just as Violet needed a nap and we had to call a cab home, he found a few little boys to play matchbox cars with him. But he had no trouble leaving when the cab arrived, and I think he had some fun. Though I think one-on-one play dates are still a better fit for him.


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