Violet is 11 months old!

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What the what? This totally snuck up on me. And this girl…oh, this girl. She has gone through some amazing changes this month. Here goes:

  • Violet has four little chompers now, two on top and two on bottom. It amazes me how it changes the whole dynamic of her smile. Those big top teeth with the wide gap…precious!
  • This girl is cruising like nobody’s business! In fact, she gets quite cross when the adult (ahem, mommy) stops walking her around by her hands and makes her sit down. Liam even gave it a try at the beach, but Violet wasn’t having it. Adults only, please!
  • I might have been hearing things, but the other day I really thought she said, “Hi.” I didn’t record it in her book because she hasn’t replicated it. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this is her first real word. I say it to her all the time, both in English and Greek, but the word for “Hi” in Greek, which sounds like “Ya Sou” is harder to say.
  • We started a Gymboree class this month, and she absolutely loves it! Liam did a similar class when he was this age. He would dutifully sit in my lap, but he would shy away from interacting with others. Violet is just the opposite! She wants out of my lap, and she’ll either insist that I walk her around, or she’ll scoot herself right into the action. The teacher will put toys in the middle of the circle, and she’s one of the first ones to jump in a grab stuff. She’ll even scoot herself right up to the teacher or around to other moms and dads and give them her dazzling smile. And they ADORE her…just pinching her cheeks and stroking her hair and feet. In fact, everyone cuddles all the babies here…perhaps when I’m finally over my back-to-back colds, I’ll join in.
  • Just this week, Violet has started handing me things when I ask for them. Which comes in handy at feeding time. Instead of dropping her spoon on the floor, I can usually ask for it…a couple of times…and she’ll thrust it into my hand. Or she’ll drop it on the floor and grin at me mischievously.
  • Today at Gymboree Violet stood on her own for the very first time! She made it about five seconds before sitting down. Everyone cheered, “Bravo, Violet!”

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