Violet is 13 months old!

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DSC_0072 (2)This girl is getting some personality…which is both good and bad. Here’s what she’s been up to this month:

  • After weeks of sleepless nights and general crankiness, tooth number six finally made an appearance this week. Now she has three on the top and three on the bottom, sort of catty-corner from each other, so her smile is going to look adorably crooked.
  • She’s back to sleeping in the crib again, thank heaven! It takes a little more effort — after nursing, oftentimes I have to stick around and pat her back. If her little head pops up as I’m trying to sneak out, I have to walk over and rub her back some more. But it works! That is until she wakes in the middle of the night, which still happens every third night or so.
  • Violet loves to smile. She breaks out into a big grin whenever anyone looks at her. Her grins are infectious, especially on the bus. Oh, they love her on the bus! It also helps that she says “hi” to anyone and everyone she sees. She also says ouch, ohi (the greek word for “no” pronounced oh-hee), and I got her to say “Geia sou” (Greek for “hello” pronounced ya-soo) one time. She hasn’t quite gotten the gist of waving, but she sure loves to greet people!
  • My baby is a carnivore! She loves chicken, bacon, hamburgers, ground beef tacos, cold cuts, shredded pork, and I’m sure if she could manage it, she’d happily gnaw on a Kansas City Strip. But the only fruit she’ll eat is avocado, and the only vegetable she seems to like is corn. I gave her a raw mushroom to try, and she looked at me like, “This isn’t really food, is it?” She wouldn’t try it, and instead tried to put it in my mouth. How did I get cursed with another picky eater?!
  • Unlike her brother, Violet does not seem to care much for milk. But it kind of makes sense…with him I almost seamlessly switched from formula in a bottle to milk in a bottle. I’m still nursing her, with no plans to stop in the immediate future, and she’d much rather get milk from me than cow’s milk in a cup. I’m not too concerned as long as she’s still nursing. She’s getting old enough to tug at my shirt and do a little nose-dive at my cleavage to let me know she wants some mommy milk. I’m always happy to oblige.
  • This girl loves to cruise. She recently got the hang of her push walker, but she still prefers to hold my hand. She’s down to holding just one finger now, and she can take as many as six steps on her own before she sits down. When she gets to the edge of a table or wall, she’ll emit a single, ear-piercing screech and thrust her hand up, scrunching her face like she’s using every ounce of her being to reach me. Who could refuse that?

DSC_0058 (2)

  • Thanks to Gymboree, she’s gotten very good at helping me clean up. She loves putting objects away or giving me the toys out of her bath, all while I sing our special clean up song. She’s also helping me get her dressed with her arms and legs, she prefers to feed herself with a spoon, and she just about won’t let me brush her teeth for her. I want to do it myself, mama!
  • Also related to food, she likes to have a variety at her disposal at mealtimes. I find myself littering her tray with odds and ends, then going back to the kitchen to see what else I can find in the pantry. Finally I’ll find the thing she seems to want to eat, and she’ll tuck in… at least until she’s sick of that and wants something else.
  • Violet’s hair continues to get thicker and curlier, especially in the back. She’s got little wings of blond behind her ears. She looks just like the Gerber baby.
  • Her interest in climbing has only grown stronger. I caught her trying to climb the inside of the pantry, using her toys to climb up to the fireplace, hooking her feet to the side of the pack ‘n play to climb out, and I know it’s only a matter of time before she figures out how to climb over the chairs I’ve laid down over the small set of stairs in the living room. I had to put away both of her little rocking chairs because she kept standing up on them, and the other day she toppled the rocking horse on top of herself when she tried to mount it by herself. The embassy is sending some guys to hang pictures for us this week, and we’re going to have them anchor all of the bookshelves and the tall wardrobe in the foyer. And we plan to mount all of the TVs. This child is going to keep us on our toes!


And just for fun, here’s what Liam was up to at 13 months. Funny how different they were at the same age…and also how much the same. Oh, and two weeks after I posted that, Liam was full on walking.


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