Violet is 15 months old!

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I am truly astounded by how much Violet has changed this month. Miss personality is walking, talking, signing and getting into EVERYTHING. Here’s the rundown:

  • This girl is on the GO. She doesn’t like sitting in her high chair long for meals now. The high chair we have in Greece lowers down, so after I take her out I lower it down and she treats the tray like a baby buffet. She’ll grab a small bite and walk all around the living room munching on it.
  • There’s a lot less teetering and a lot more steady walking going on. A woman in the airport even commented that she has excellent coordination for her age. I’m thinking of signing her up for dance next year.
  • Violet gives great big squeezy hugs and wet toddler kisses now. She can also blow kisses, much to daddy’s delight.
  • Poor girl is still teething and having trouble sleeping. A friend recommended getting her an amber necklace. We picked one up while we were in KC. It looks adorable, but as far as I can tell, does nothing. She still needs a dose of Advil or Tylenol at night in order to get some rest. Perhaps it gives her some relief during the day, though this molar-cutting is a nasty, long and painful process, so I doubt it helps very much. But she sure looks cute!


  • Violet’s hair is getting much thicker and much curlier. It’s looking a lot like mine did at her age, except blonder. Her little flower headbands don’t really work with her new hair, and at any rate, she rips them right off her head now. As her hair gets thicker, I hoping she’ll let me clip in some cute bows.
  • She’s a chatty little thing. This month we’ve had a word explosion, going from just a few words to almost a dozen. Now she can say Nigh Nigh, Choo Choo, Thank You, This, Dog, Cat, No, Here, Baby and Cheese. We worked on getting her to call my mom Yia Yia, the greek word for Grandma. By the end of our trip, she’d walk into a room and holler, “Hi, Yia Yia!”, whether it was grandma OR grandpa. So adorable.
  • It takes her a little while to warm up to new people, but not nearly as long as her brother at this age. In fact, she happily smiled and greeted strangers on the airplane. One zealous Greek grandma picked her up, and she didn’t even bat an eye.


  • But she still wants her mom. We got portraits done, and I had to hide behind a curtain while my mom held her so she would cooperate. Otherwise she just clung to me and wouldn’t look at the camera. Perhaps next year she’ll more easily pose for a family portrait. We’re about due. (hmmm…I think I can hear James sighing from here.)
  • I complained last month that Violet won’t baby sign. Now, with very little prompting, she’s signing More and All Done — probably because she’s so frustrated when she’s seated in the high chair and I’m clearly not understanding what she wants. I’m going to see about teaching her a few more signs to help make life easier — Water and Help come to mind as useful ones. Though she’s learning new words so quickly, we may not need signs for long.
  • Little Miss Independent wants to put on her own shoes, spoon out her own food, fasten her own seatbelt and brush her own teeth. She’s not terribly pushy when I step in to help, but she’s very keen to learn this stuff for herself.
  • This girl is quiet…and fast. Before I turn around she’s out the door and getting into something. She’s very inquisitive, pulling things off shelves and opening cabinets to explore. Turns out baby gates are ESSENTIAL for her personality. At a play date in KC she managed to get away for a second and tried her hand at a small set of stairs. Thankfully they were carpeted and she just landed on her cushy butt. She cried, but not for long.
  • In fact, Liam and I marvel at how little crying she does when she bumps her head or falls down. Liam was the opposite — I used to call him my little Brazilian soccer player for all of the injuries he cried foul about — but Violet is one tough chick.

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  1. So glad I got to see her at this neat age!

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