Violet is 16 months old!

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Lots more talking and personality this month. Check it out:

  • Violet loves to play telephone. She’ll pick up a play phone (or a toy car, or a banana, anything that approximates a phone), hold it to her little ear, and say, “Heh-row? Yes?” Then she’ll walk over and put it to my ear.
  • I’ve got an opportunistic eater on my hands. She’ll pull cereal from the pantry, open the box, pull out the bag, reach her grubby little hands in there and go to town. Or she’ll find the diaper bag and pull out snacks. She can’t quite open ziplocked bags, but it’s only a matter of time. There is food all over the damn house. I’m not as bothered by it as I thought I would be.
  • We’re in the carrying things around the house phase of development. She hasn’t outright lost anything, but I am finding things in unusual places.
  • No more chairs in front of the living room stairs! It took about a day of practice, and she had it down. She sits and scoots herself down instead of going on her belly. Whatever works.
  • Violet can pretty much repeat any one syllable word you say to her. She is talking LIKE CRAZY. Just like her mama, heh. These are just the new ones I can remember: cracker, ball, nose, go-go-go, oops, boat, puppy, moo. When I throw a ball, she’ll say what I swear sounds like, “Go get it.” And she very clearly says “nurse” and touches my chest.
  • Look at all those blond curls! Love it!
  • We’ve been listening to music more lately. Violet likes to shake her groove thing. It is adorable.
  • She also learned how to get dizzy. She will seldom do it on her own, but if Liam is spinning, she’ll happily join in the fun.
  • Violet lights up when she sees another child her age. She’ll run right over, cock her little head, look them right in the face and say with a huge smile, “Hi!” Other children kind of shy away, but the mothers are always delighted. She’s getting much better about not poking them in the face, instead patting them gently on the head or attempting a hug.
  • Her favorite toy hands down is books. Plop her down in front of a stack and she’ll page through them for…not hours, but several minutes, which is pretty good for her age. She’s been crawling up into Liam’s book nook lately, so I put a few of her books in the basket. She needs supervision, lest she takes a tumble down the stairs. But I’m glad to see the nook getting some use.
  • I think I may have another train lover in the house. We’ve discovered Slow TV on Netflix. It’s Norwegian programming of a seemingly long and boring nature. But it is surprisingly easy to get mesmerized. The seven hour long train ride from Bergen to Oslo has been a hit in our house. We watch it at dinner. Liam comments, “Oh look, it’s a bridge! Now there’s a station!” Violet turns in her high chair and heartily chimes in, “Choo choo!”

Here are a few more photos just for fun. You’ll see I took photos outside on the roof. But the best photo I got was her watching TV. And eating. Heh.


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