Violet is 17 months old!

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We’re quickly approaching a year and a half, and after that the dreaded twos. But for now, my adorable toddler has been melting our hearts. Here what she’s been up to this month:

Violet has many favorites now:

  • Favorite song: Itsy Bitsy Spider. She asks for this constantly. And when you sing it, complete with hand motions, of course, she breaks out into a big grin and puts her little fingers together like a spider.
  • Favorite article of clothing: shoes. It’s a word she can say clearly, and she loves bringing a pair of shoes over for me to put on her. She always matches them correctly. And she can take them off all by herself now, too. She can also say “socks” and delights in putting those on. And she likes to get shoes for the rest of the family to put on.
  • Favorite book: Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. Because…shoes!
  • Favorite toy: Books. This girl wants to read at all times of day. She’ll plop herself down in my lap and hand me book after book, or want me to read the same one a few times over.
  • Favorite color: Either yellow or purple, which she’ll repeat emphatically.
  • Moving on from favorites…this girl is incredibly affectionate with others. She’ll come up to a kid or an adult and give them a big hug, saying, “Huuug.” Sometimes she’ll even go in for a sweet little peck of a kiss.
  • Her vocabulary has expanded incredibly. She can say: thirsty, snack, brother (Ba-boo), socks, and morning. When Liam gets on the bus in the morning, she waves her hand and says, “Bye Bye, Ba-boo.”
  • Violet is quite nimble. She can climb a ladder and go down the slide on her bottom all by herself. Her teacher at Gymboree even remarked how well she climbs and balances for her age. But still no crawling through tunnels.
  • She likes to climb up on the side of my dining room chair to get my attention. Won’t be long before she figures out how to climb right into my lap!
  • We’re still nursing on demand, though we’re down to just the left side, and it’s more for comfort than nourishment at this point. But that’s fine with me…it’s our special time together, and I cherish it.

More photos from our rainy back porch photoshoot:


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