Violet is 18 months old!

November 10, 2016 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


My unstoppable 18-month-old is moving and talking so much now. Here’s what she’s up to:

  • Her verbal skills astound me. She says short phrases now: “Bless you,” when you sneeze. “That’s yours,” when she points to my shoes or my phone. “What’s this,” or “Touch this,” are also in her repertoire. She says bye to the babysitter, “Bye Bye, Ell-ell-in (Evelyn).” As she eats, she says, “Mmm…yummy!” She can say “brother” very clearly: Bruh-der. I think that’s the word she uses most. That, and “no.” In fact, she says “No” to everything, even when she means “yes.” And sometimes she says, “No. Ohee.”
  • I put on Sesame Street for her (Thanks, HBO Now!), and she watched for about 15 minutes. She knows who Elmo is now. So it begins.
  •  She gobbles down applesauce, string cheese, and avocados. She still won’t drink milk, even when I put in a little Nesquick.
  • If she sees a picture of a dinosaur or a lion, she will give a tiny roar. It is adorable.
  • She’s finally crawling! Sort of. She gets on one knee, then sort of scoots with the other knee up. But she can get through a tunnel now, at least. She’ll get there.
  • Violet has empathy in spades. Whenever Liam is upset, she runs right over and gives him a big hug.
  • She loves to point to and say a lot of body parts: Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Toes, Hand, Hair, Bellybutton. Children and adults alike must tolerate a finger in the eye sometimes.
  • She says “Shhhh” and puts her chubby finger to her lips.
  • Every morning we walk Liam down the street as he waits for his bus, and then we circle the block after he departs. She says, “Geia Sou” to every person we meet, and she almost always garners a smile, which she emphatically returns.
  • Her favorite game to play with daddy: He begs for a hug and she runs away. Usually she runs to me and gives me a hug and kiss, then looks back at him like, “Ha!”

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  1. Adorable!!

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