Liam loses his first tooth

January 11, 2017 at 4:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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I thought this day would never come! Just two weeks past his 8th birthday, he complained that his bottom front tooth hurt. I asked if it was loose, and he confirmed with a slight wiggle. Here we go! He spent the next couple of days bemoaning his hurt mouth…how he couldn’t eat on it, couldn’t brush it, could hardly sleep with it like that. Oh, this child!

Tonight was Taco night, one of his favorite meals, and sure enough the sucker came right out as he was noshing on his tortilla. And, oh, the boo-hooing! He freaked out about the blood and just stood there screaming about it. I grabbed a tissue and assured him the bleeding would stop, that it wouldn’t hurt for long, and, hey YOU LOST A TOOTH, ATTABOY!! Violet ran right over and gave him a hug — something she’s kind of been conditioned to do with such a sensitive big brother. After awhile the tears dried up, and he couldn’t wait to examine this tooth. We told him the tooth fairy would finally be stopping at our house tonight for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Then James told him he had to put his tooth under his pillow, but not so far under his pillow that the, um, tooth fairy might wake him up. In fact, how about you just put that tooth up on your bookshelf next to your bed, just in case. Good call, daddy. I fashioned him a little paper envelope for it, and after he’s fast asleep, I’ll sneak in there and swap a bloody tooth for a Euro. Sounds like a fair price, about a buck 20, yes? I remember only getting a quarter, but, you know…inflation.


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