Liam’s 8th Birthday Party

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In years past I’ve planned activities, carefully scripted each moment, or rented out a venue for Liam’s birthday parties. Nothing fancy, but still requiring some effort. This year, I decided I’d let him handle it. He elected to have a slumber party, guests arrive at 6, we’d get Happy Meals from McDonalds, open presents, run around and play, eat cake, then watch a movie before they go to bed. Sounds like a good plan! And that’s pretty much how it all went down, except no one spent the night. Which was perhaps for the best. We’ve never had anyone spend the night before, and I get the feeling eight is still a little young for boys to handle sleepovers. I had my first slumber party at eight, but girls seem better equipped for that sort of thing at that age. Liam was a little bummed no one decided to spend the night, but I told him we could try again next year.

Opening presents started out civilized, then somehow all the kids ended up on top of the dining room table. We totally forgot to put candles in the cake and sing happy birthday before eating it. He didn’t even notice. Mostly they shot each other with Nerf guns (or rather, fake shot each other. No one was firing actual darts, I think at Liam’s request). Then they found the swords and shields we got at Disney, and they ran around the living room doing battle. I think everyone had fun. We put in The Goonies, which elicited varying degrees of attention, but by the time the pirate ship escaped, they all sat down to watch. All the boys behaved well, and no one woke Violet. They ate a ton of junk food and were probably bouncing off the walls when they got home. Maybe another good reason no one spent the night! Ha!


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