Violet is 22 months old!

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“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…” Violet loves this song. One of the many preferences she’s been expressing this month with her budding personality. Here’s what she’s been up to this month:

  • She doesn’t always get the order right, but she can say numbers 1-10 in English, and several numbers in Greek, as well. And she seems to understand the concept of counting, pointing at groups with her finger and saying the numbers one by one.
  • She’s also learning her colors. Or at least the words for colors. Many times she says the wrong color, but with utter confidence. Unsurprisingly, she gets purple right most of the time. She’s practically surrounded in purple everywhere she goes, if I have anything to say about it!
  • She’s also mastering some letters. She loves collecting all of the O’s and sticking them on the fridge. She can also name M and J. And she’s starting to know S, E and X. Should I be worried?
  • Violet is very precise with her fine motor skills, much different from her brother. Every morning she likes to help me peel my hard-boiled egg. She doesn’t get very far before giving up, but she’s always game to try. She also has a book with these little removable stickers, and she likes to get them stuck on the page and line them up “perfect.”
  • Violet is acting distinctly “two” — when she doesn’t get her way, she melts into a puddle on the floor, with much boo-hooing. But she’s still easily distractible. Those days are numbered.
  • We’re slowly but surely weaning. We’ve cut down to twice a day, once when she wakes up and once at bedtime. This week I managed to distract her enough to cut out our morning session, but she did a little reverting yesterday and today because she was especially needy. Two steps forward and one step back. But we’ll get there soon, I’m sure.
  • Violet is an empathetic little thing. Whenever Liam is crying about something (which is often), she’ll come over and say, “Are you OK?” He’ll usually ask for a hug, and she almost always obliges.
  • She’s started singing songs to me. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Row Your Boat, and Baby Beluga so far, mostly humming the tunes as she attempts to wrap her mouth around the correct words. It is sooooo cute.
  • Her favorite books this month are All Better, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,and a pop-up book Jill bought Liam years ago called Little Monsters.
  • The high chair has been relegated to the corner to gather dust. She is DONE with it. Now she climbs up in a dining room chair, takes three bites of food, climbs down to run around, and then repeats.
  • She’s also done with avocadoes, much to my chagrin. She still won’t eat fruits and veggies, save a kernel or two of corn. She’ll sometimes eat baby food pouches, and she’s hit or miss with applesauce now. She’s getting increasingly more difficult to feed, just like her brother was at this age. Can’t a mama just get a break?!

Here are more photos from our rainy day photo shoot:


Children like night and day

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Violet turns 22 months this week, and so we decided to move her up to the next level in her Gymboree class. I remember doing the same thing for Liam with his Itsy Bitsy Yoga class at Willow Street Yoga in Maryland at about the same age, and it was a disaster. He’d been so happy in the baby class, but when we switched to a new routine, he totally hated it. We only made it to a handful of classes before I decided to just give up. He would refuse to participate, crying at the door, and that was just the beginning of his many years of disdain for group activities.

Violet, on the other hand, took to it like a duck in water. She held back a bit with some of the new activities, but jumped in whole-heartedly with others. At one point they had the kids pretend to fish, and when the teacher dumped a bucket of little plastic fish under them, she exclaimed, “Oh!” and tried to climb down to get at them. Another activity, where they looked at little photos and told us what they saw, had her pointing and exclaiming in her ever-growing vocabulary. By the end of class she was hollering, “Jimbo!” and talking up a storm.

Amazing how different siblings can be, right?

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