Violet turns 2!

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Oh, my girl is getting so big! I can hardly believe she’s already two. This little miss is all personality, and she gives me a run for my money in the talking department. Here’s what else she has been up to this month:

  • She’s been giving me great big hugs and saying, “I love you.” Melt. My. Heart. The other day I overheard her playing with a boy and a girl action figure — she had them hug each other and say, “I love you.”
  • Her love of Michael Jackson is almost as fanatical as her brother’s. Now she requests to hear Beat It, and at the beginning of Bad, I swear she sang, “Your butt is mine…” The also hops around singing, “Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?” when Smooth Criminal enters our rotation. Perhaps I should get her a little white glove.
  • She’s getting better and better at recognizing colors, getting them right more like 80% of the time. And she’s recognizing almost all of the letters of the alphabet. I can ask her to bring me a letter from our magnets, and she usually gets it right. She’s also counting consecutively more often than not, though she doesn’t actually count objects correctly, unless by accident.
  • This girl can say anything. And I mean anything. She repeats complex sentences, though she still talks like a typical two-year-old with two or three-word sentences when she’s saying something on her own. You remember Pearl from Funny or Die? We could totally do this with Violet!
  • In preparation for potty training (we start tomorrow!!), I brought home an extra potty and some new underwear. She went totally bananas, stripping down to try on every pair, then sitting on the new potty while I read her books. I actually had a hard time getting her to come off the potty — we had to go pick up Liam at school. But I think this is a good sign that she will learn quickly. She struggles a bit taking down her pants, but she’s a tenacious little thing, so I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it soon.
  • James is out of town for her birthday, so instead of a party, we decided to just open presents with her brother and eat cake at home. I found these awesome cupcakes at a bakery in Halandri (thanks, Katy, for the recommendation!), and, honestly, I’m certain she was just as happy with this as she would have been with a bunch of toddlers and babies sitting around (and probably fighting) at a party. She’s a little social butterfly, but she’ll seriously throw down if someone takes one of her things. And EVERYTHING is hers.
  • After Violet opened her presents, she took one look at the pile of clothes she got and insisted on trying them all on…at the same time. This is a good look for her, I think.


Here are more photos from today. Enjoy!


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