Potty training in one month

June 6, 2017 at 10:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We’re about one month in to potty training Violet, and it’s going pretty well, all things considered. We had a rocky start — within the first week, I wondered if I’d underestimated her readiness. But after a couple of weeks, she seemed to get the gist. Timing is still an issue — she’ll sit and sit and I’ll read and read, and nothing will happen. Then five minutes later we’ll have a puddle on the floor. But last week, as I was holding her, she yelled, “I have to potty! Run, run!” Sure enough, we got to the potty chair just in time. But sometimes we run to the potty at her insistence and…nothing. In the mornings I’ll put her in the bathroom with me while I shower, and she’ll sit on her potty chair and play cars. This little routine seems to work well, since it’s about an hour after breakfast. She still wears a diaper to nap, and I’ve been putting her in a pull up when we leave the house. I try to put her on public toilets, but she only sits for a minute before she wants off. I’m sure we’ll master that one later.

Today, after Liam got home from school, I put her in the play room with the potty chair, pointed it out to her, and left her with just a shirt on. Fifteen minutes in, Liam hollers to me, “Mom! Violet peed!” I was sure I’d have to clean up a puddle, but my girl went right over to the potty and sat down when she needed to! Way to go, Violet!

I have found that she tends to forget when I put her in clothes. We have these special pairs of thicker underwear, and she almost always pees in them when she’s wearing them. So it’s best she go commando for the time being. That may not play to well at my mother’s house with her wall-to-wall carpeting…so we may be back in pull ups for awhile this summer. But I think we’ve really made some progress.


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