Violet is 20 months old!

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Look at that smile! She’ll happily say “cheese” if you ask her to. One of many developments in her budding personality. Here are some more:

  • At Christmas she received two more baby dolls and a purse with lipstick, compact, smart phone and keys. She also got a little kitchen and a tea set. She loves to walk around the house with her purse on her shoulder and a baby under one arm. Such a girlie girl!
  • She also loves to feed her babies. She’ll put one of them in the high chair and offer her snacks. Unlike her, the babies like milk from a “bobble.” She says it just like my sister used to at that age.
  • Her vocabulary continues to grow, 100+ words at this point. She heartily points to objects and names them. She repeats any word you ask her to, and some you don’t. I better watch my language! She’s also figuring out sentences. She’ll wave and say, “Bye! Morrow!” She’ll say, “Get that!” when she wants something. Today she said, “Sissy hungry.” She can also say Liam’s name, a very short and adorable, “Leem!”
  • Whenever she notices two of something, she’ll immediately call it out. “Two babies!” She’s getting better at counting, as well. “One, two, four, three…”
  • This girl loves music. Whenever she hears a song, she’ll stop whatever she’s doing (ahem…nursing) and exclaim, “Song! Dance!” Then she’ll clap her hands, wriggle to get down, and shake her booty.
  • And, yes, we’re still nursing. Once she’s finally over this jet lag, I plan to start cutting back to just naptimes and bedtime. This could be a challenge…for us both. It’s nice to have such a quick and easy way to calm her, and she’s getting increasingly agitated about things as she approaches two.
  • She often wakes up hungry, declaring she needs, “Snacks!” and then grabs my hand and marches me out the door to the kitchen. I asked the other day if she wanted breakfast. “Yes. Breakfast snacks.”
  • She grew four new teeth this month, all four canines. Add to that the jet lag and sleeping in a strange bed for most of the month, and it didn’t make for very restful nights.
  • She’ll eat eggs in take-out fried rice, but not scrambled eggs for breakfast. Perhaps I should add soy sauce.
  • And just for fun, here’s Liam’s 20-month write up. Check out that silly smile! They are definitely siblings! Although it’s funny to see the differences. Like how she can say 100 words and he could only say a handful. How fearless she is, and how fearful he was (and still is!). How I was so thrilled that he went down the slide all by himself on his tummy, and she’s been a pro at the slide for months. She’s like Liam 2.0!

More fun photos!


Violet is 19 months old!

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scan0007This girl is just oozing personality now. Check out what she’s been up to:

  • Her two favorite words now are “Phone” and “Applesauce.” And she says both as clear as a bell.
  • She’s been known to voice an opinion or two about what she’s going to wear. She’s especially fond of her pink tutu, though it isn’t a daily requirement…yet. She will insist on wearing a bow every day. Now that she has enough hair for pigtails, we often have two bows.
  • So it seems we’re potty training now. At her insistence. She sits on the potty every night before her bath. She’s only actually peed once and pooped once in the potty, but we’re definitely planting the seed for success here. She’s been telling me when she poops, so that’s a good sign that we’ll be potty training this one early.
  • I finally finished decorating her room. She loves the little 3D purple butterflies.
  • Tonight when I changed her diaper, she reached her little hand under my armpit and squealed, “Tickle!” So flippin’ cute.
  • At bedtime she has to have her Dolly and her Blankie. She’ll even lead me over to my phone — she knows I like to listen to podcasts while we nurse. These are the three essentials. Whenever she needs a nap or is going to bed, she’ll say, “Nighty-go.”
  • This girl loves to sing. She’s got the ABC’s song up to E, and she’ll do all the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, as best as her clumsy little hands can manage. She’s also tried to count a little, going “two…four” and pointing her finger to things in a book that I typically count out with her.
  • Another favorite word…”again.” She likes to read books over, and over, and over again. She’ll also ask for more food with a, “more please.”

We had a very eventful weekend. Here are more photos from the Embassy Christmas Party and the Gymboree Christmas Party we attended on Saturday, and the birthday party we attended at Pipis on Sunday:

Violet is 18 months old!

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My unstoppable 18-month-old is moving and talking so much now. Here’s what she’s up to:

  • Her verbal skills astound me. She says short phrases now: “Bless you,” when you sneeze. “That’s yours,” when she points to my shoes or my phone. “What’s this,” or “Touch this,” are also in her repertoire. She says bye to the babysitter, “Bye Bye, Ell-ell-in (Evelyn).” As she eats, she says, “Mmm…yummy!” She can say “brother” very clearly: Bruh-der. I think that’s the word she uses most. That, and “no.” In fact, she says “No” to everything, even when she means “yes.” And sometimes she says, “No. Ohee.”
  • I put on Sesame Street for her (Thanks, HBO Now!), and she watched for about 15 minutes. She knows who Elmo is now. So it begins.
  •  She gobbles down applesauce, string cheese, and avocados. She still won’t drink milk, even when I put in a little Nesquick.
  • If she sees a picture of a dinosaur or a lion, she will give a tiny roar. It is adorable.
  • She’s finally crawling! Sort of. She gets on one knee, then sort of scoots with the other knee up. But she can get through a tunnel now, at least. She’ll get there.
  • Violet has empathy in spades. Whenever Liam is upset, she runs right over and gives him a big hug.
  • She loves to point to and say a lot of body parts: Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Toes, Hand, Hair, Bellybutton. Children and adults alike must tolerate a finger in the eye sometimes.
  • She says “Shhhh” and puts her chubby finger to her lips.
  • Every morning we walk Liam down the street as he waits for his bus, and then we circle the block after he departs. She says, “Geia Sou” to every person we meet, and she almost always garners a smile, which she emphatically returns.
  • Her favorite game to play with daddy: He begs for a hug and she runs away. Usually she runs to me and gives me a hug and kiss, then looks back at him like, “Ha!”

Violet is 17 months old!

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We’re quickly approaching a year and a half, and after that the dreaded twos. But for now, my adorable toddler has been melting our hearts. Here what she’s been up to this month:

Violet has many favorites now:

  • Favorite song: Itsy Bitsy Spider. She asks for this constantly. And when you sing it, complete with hand motions, of course, she breaks out into a big grin and puts her little fingers together like a spider.
  • Favorite article of clothing: shoes. It’s a word she can say clearly, and she loves bringing a pair of shoes over for me to put on her. She always matches them correctly. And she can take them off all by herself now, too. She can also say “socks” and delights in putting those on. And she likes to get shoes for the rest of the family to put on.
  • Favorite book: Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. Because…shoes!
  • Favorite toy: Books. This girl wants to read at all times of day. She’ll plop herself down in my lap and hand me book after book, or want me to read the same one a few times over.
  • Favorite color: Either yellow or purple, which she’ll repeat emphatically.
  • Moving on from favorites…this girl is incredibly affectionate with others. She’ll come up to a kid or an adult and give them a big hug, saying, “Huuug.” Sometimes she’ll even go in for a sweet little peck of a kiss.
  • Her vocabulary has expanded incredibly. She can say: thirsty, snack, brother (Ba-boo), socks, and morning. When Liam gets on the bus in the morning, she waves her hand and says, “Bye Bye, Ba-boo.”
  • Violet is quite nimble. She can climb a ladder and go down the slide on her bottom all by herself. Her teacher at Gymboree even remarked how well she climbs and balances for her age. But still no crawling through tunnels.
  • She likes to climb up on the side of my dining room chair to get my attention. Won’t be long before she figures out how to climb right into my lap!
  • We’re still nursing on demand, though we’re down to just the left side, and it’s more for comfort than nourishment at this point. But that’s fine with me…it’s our special time together, and I cherish it.

More photos from our rainy back porch photoshoot:

Violet is 16 months old!

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Lots more talking and personality this month. Check it out:

  • Violet loves to play telephone. She’ll pick up a play phone (or a toy car, or a banana, anything that approximates a phone), hold it to her little ear, and say, “Heh-row? Yes?” Then she’ll walk over and put it to my ear.
  • I’ve got an opportunistic eater on my hands. She’ll pull cereal from the pantry, open the box, pull out the bag, reach her grubby little hands in there and go to town. Or she’ll find the diaper bag and pull out snacks. She can’t quite open ziplocked bags, but it’s only a matter of time. There is food all over the damn house. I’m not as bothered by it as I thought I would be.
  • We’re in the carrying things around the house phase of development. She hasn’t outright lost anything, but I am finding things in unusual places.
  • No more chairs in front of the living room stairs! It took about a day of practice, and she had it down. She sits and scoots herself down instead of going on her belly. Whatever works.
  • Violet can pretty much repeat any one syllable word you say to her. She is talking LIKE CRAZY. Just like her mama, heh. These are just the new ones I can remember: cracker, ball, nose, go-go-go, oops, boat, puppy, moo. When I throw a ball, she’ll say what I swear sounds like, “Go get it.” And she very clearly says “nurse” and touches my chest.
  • Look at all those blond curls! Love it!
  • We’ve been listening to music more lately. Violet likes to shake her groove thing. It is adorable.
  • She also learned how to get dizzy. She will seldom do it on her own, but if Liam is spinning, she’ll happily join in the fun.
  • Violet lights up when she sees another child her age. She’ll run right over, cock her little head, look them right in the face and say with a huge smile, “Hi!” Other children kind of shy away, but the mothers are always delighted. She’s getting much better about not poking them in the face, instead patting them gently on the head or attempting a hug.
  • Her favorite toy hands down is books. Plop her down in front of a stack and she’ll page through them for…not hours, but several minutes, which is pretty good for her age. She’s been crawling up into Liam’s book nook lately, so I put a few of her books in the basket. She needs supervision, lest she takes a tumble down the stairs. But I’m glad to see the nook getting some use.
  • I think I may have another train lover in the house. We’ve discovered Slow TV on Netflix. It’s Norwegian programming of a seemingly long and boring nature. But it is surprisingly easy to get mesmerized. The seven hour long train ride from Bergen to Oslo has been a hit in our house. We watch it at dinner. Liam comments, “Oh look, it’s a bridge! Now there’s a station!” Violet turns in her high chair and heartily chimes in, “Choo choo!”

Here are a few more photos just for fun. You’ll see I took photos outside on the roof. But the best photo I got was her watching TV. And eating. Heh.

Parenting: Back to the Drawing Board

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We’re hitting the summer doldrums here, those last few weeks before school starts when every parent starts to despair. Children are bored and driving us crazy. We haven’t done any summer reading and their brains have atrophied. Can’t the first day of school come any sooner? I’ve been wallowing in complete hopelessness at the state of my house, the lack of discipline in my kids, and my confidence as a mom. Where did I go wrong? And I why can I not summon the motivation to actually do something about it?

Then, sort of randomly on Facebook, I came across a free webinar about parenting, and I hastily signed up. Now, this doesn’t come easily for me. For some reason, I sort of bristle when I’m getting parenting advice. I birthed these children — shouldn’t I just instinctively KNOW how to raise them? When other moms offer advice, even rational, well-intentioned suggestions leave me feeling inadequate. “That’s a great idea!” I say, while I’m thinking, “I’m such a failure!” Even when I come across ideas that I could really use, I rarely stick with them. I’ve read books about overly sensitive children, about “spirited” children, lapping up every word, then following the suggestions in the book really well…for about a month. We have seen progress over the past few years with eating, bathroom issues, getting along with others at play dates, dealing with transitions — but I can’t help feeling a lot of the improved behavior has come with maturity. This stay-at-home mom thing is essentially my full-time job…and almost eight years in I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m sure the Bobs on Office Space would be questioning my qualifications. I have People Skills, dammit! People Skills!

Enter Positive Parenting Solutions. I was a bit skeptical at first. Why should I pay these people to give me parenting advice that I could probably figure out on my own? Except…clearly I’m floundering. And if Stay-At-Home-Mom is truly my job title, wouldn’t it do me some good to get some on-the-job training? So I signed up. Amy McCready, the woman who runs this outfit, claims she can bring peace to my family with her discipline approach. No time outs, no spanking, no undignified punishments. It’s using human psychology to train our children to be better behaved. I’ve only just begun the sessions, so no telling if it will work. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee I’ve got in my back pocket if need be. But at this point, when I’m screaming at my oldest to do what I tell him or else, and my youngest is running around the house like a free-range chicken (and rapidly approaching terrible two), frankly, I can use all the help I can get.



Violet is 15 months old!

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I am truly astounded by how much Violet has changed this month. Miss personality is walking, talking, signing and getting into EVERYTHING. Here’s the rundown:

  • This girl is on the GO. She doesn’t like sitting in her high chair long for meals now. The high chair we have in Greece lowers down, so after I take her out I lower it down and she treats the tray like a baby buffet. She’ll grab a small bite and walk all around the living room munching on it.
  • There’s a lot less teetering and a lot more steady walking going on. A woman in the airport even commented that she has excellent coordination for her age. I’m thinking of signing her up for dance next year.
  • Violet gives great big squeezy hugs and wet toddler kisses now. She can also blow kisses, much to daddy’s delight.
  • Poor girl is still teething and having trouble sleeping. A friend recommended getting her an amber necklace. We picked one up while we were in KC. It looks adorable, but as far as I can tell, does nothing. She still needs a dose of Advil or Tylenol at night in order to get some rest. Perhaps it gives her some relief during the day, though this molar-cutting is a nasty, long and painful process, so I doubt it helps very much. But she sure looks cute!


  • Violet’s hair is getting much thicker and much curlier. It’s looking a lot like mine did at her age, except blonder. Her little flower headbands don’t really work with her new hair, and at any rate, she rips them right off her head now. As her hair gets thicker, I hoping she’ll let me clip in some cute bows.
  • She’s a chatty little thing. This month we’ve had a word explosion, going from just a few words to almost a dozen. Now she can say Nigh Nigh, Choo Choo, Thank You, This, Dog, Cat, No, Here, Baby and Cheese. We worked on getting her to call my mom Yia Yia, the greek word for Grandma. By the end of our trip, she’d walk into a room and holler, “Hi, Yia Yia!”, whether it was grandma OR grandpa. So adorable.
  • It takes her a little while to warm up to new people, but not nearly as long as her brother at this age. In fact, she happily smiled and greeted strangers on the airplane. One zealous Greek grandma picked her up, and she didn’t even bat an eye.


  • But she still wants her mom. We got portraits done, and I had to hide behind a curtain while my mom held her so she would cooperate. Otherwise she just clung to me and wouldn’t look at the camera. Perhaps next year she’ll more easily pose for a family portrait. We’re about due. (hmmm…I think I can hear James sighing from here.)
  • I complained last month that Violet won’t baby sign. Now, with very little prompting, she’s signing More and All Done — probably because she’s so frustrated when she’s seated in the high chair and I’m clearly not understanding what she wants. I’m going to see about teaching her a few more signs to help make life easier — Water and Help come to mind as useful ones. Though she’s learning new words so quickly, we may not need signs for long.
  • Little Miss Independent wants to put on her own shoes, spoon out her own food, fasten her own seatbelt and brush her own teeth. She’s not terribly pushy when I step in to help, but she’s very keen to learn this stuff for herself.
  • This girl is quiet…and fast. Before I turn around she’s out the door and getting into something. She’s very inquisitive, pulling things off shelves and opening cabinets to explore. Turns out baby gates are ESSENTIAL for her personality. At a play date in KC she managed to get away for a second and tried her hand at a small set of stairs. Thankfully they were carpeted and she just landed on her cushy butt. She cried, but not for long.
  • In fact, Liam and I marvel at how little crying she does when she bumps her head or falls down. Liam was the opposite — I used to call him my little Brazilian soccer player for all of the injuries he cried foul about — but Violet is one tough chick.

Twenty years and back again

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Not much has changed in my hometown since 1996. Birkenstocks are back in style. Tune into 98.9 The Rock and you’ll still hear Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. And there’s a Clinton running for President.

Some things have changed, though. The house I grew up in has changed color, the décor and furniture have been updated, and the backyard looks completely different. I’m sleeping in the same bed at my parent’s house as I did in my youth, except now I share it with a fussy toddler. And, of course, my fellow graduates of Lee’s Summit High School and I have, shall we say, aged a bit.

Our twentieth high school reunion this weekend was quite an extravaganza. A two-day event, even. Friday night, about fifty of us met at the tiger head with our parents, siblings, spouses and children for a tour of our alma mater. I brought my mom and the kids. I was sad to see the classroom where we put together the school newspaper every month was completely gutted. In fact, most of the upper-classman section (called Div 2 in my day) was under construction. In the PAC, Liam ran around on the stage with some of the other kids. When one of his friends asked him to join her up the stairs of a stage set, he decided against it. He deemed it too dangerous…didn’t trust the builder. This kid.

I saw many familiar faces on our tour, gave many a warm embrace and fawned over many an adorable child. The lunch room was smaller than I remembered it…and one section in the back was completely rebuilt. The breezeway from the lunchroom to the under-classman section (Div 1, see what they did there?) was completely enclosed and air-conditioned. Back in ’96 our school only had air-conditioning in the PAC. Kids these days have it so easy! I found my old German classroom…which appeared to be used for band practice now. Climbing the stairs from the PAC back to Div 2, I suddenly remembered standing right in that hallway as the OJ Simpson verdict was read. As I mentioned it to my mom, a guy piped up behind me — turns out he was actually with me when that happened! I’d completely forgotten. We were doing a poll for the newspaper, and we could hear the TV on in all of the classrooms we were passing. I remembered hearing them all echo in the halls as we peeked our heads inside to find out the news.

Violet got a little sidetracked at the lockers, toddling down the row and spinning all of the combination wheels she could reach. The kids spent the rest of the tour running around the Field House and the football field. By the time we got home they were ready for bed…and I was ready to continue the celebration at a bar downtown. Drunken merriment ensued. My girlfriends and I kept pointing out people to each other, “Who is that? Was she in our class?” It was hard to tell our classmates from the bar flies. Thankfully everyone would be wearing name tags for the reunion Saturday. It seemed most of my classmates wanted to stand outside…right next to the band. So we had to shout at each other, “What have you been up to? Where are you living now? How many kids do you have?” Sheesh. I’m too old for this. I was back home before midnight.

Saturday night, the main event, was held at Stonehaus Winery at 6 o’clock. I was “fashionably” late (putting a baby to bed…nothing fashionable about that), and I was met with a line out the door for booze. Better get in line then! Immediately I recognized the people around me: Mary and Kara, Adam, Katie, and Toji!! So many more passed by to say hi with a hug. Thanks to Facebook I’d kept in touch with most of them, but it was still great to hear more details about their lives now. Grunge music filled the hall — my musical tastes are still stuck in the mid-90s, so I was loving it. Angst! Yeah! A wine glass in each hand (so I wouldn’t have to stand in that long-ass line again), I set about to mingle. Lots of Hi-Life alums, IB classmates, and theater folks I had to talk to. I surprised a lot of friends when I told them I lived in Greece now. Turned out to be a great conversation-starter. Outside on the lawn I took a much quieter seat to catch up with Joanne and Bernadette. Many of us are moms now, and I even discovered one grandma (Wow!). One friend I didn’t even recognize she has changed so much. It was great to catch up with her.


4-eva…whoever “eva” is, lol.

I spent a fabulous half hour taking selfies with my best friend, Katie. I remember we sat together on the first day in Mrs. Long’s fourth grade class at Westview Elementary. She had big glasses and an even bigger personality. I was the smallest kid in the class. By the end of the day she told me were going to be best friends. I happily agreed, and the rest is history. We both worked for the high school newspaper, we both went to J-school at Mizzou, and we both had our kids at about the same time. After graduation, our relationship ebbed and flowed, as friendships often do when you don’t live in the same town. We lost touch for a little while there, but somehow reconnected as adults. And I’m so happy we did. Now we do play dates whenever I’m in town. Our oldest kids are the same age, and they played so well together on this visit! The next generation of best friends, perhaps?

The class of ’96 was the last class to graduate before the new high school opened, and I think that instilled some comradery among all the different clichés. Sure, we had jocks and brains and all of that, but I felt like our circles comingled. That being said, there were still an awful lot of kids I never got to know, and quite a few at the reunion I had never met. My memory is such crap now, though, that sometimes someone would know me and I’d have no idea how I knew them. Thank god for the nametags! Near the end of the night I locked eyes with one girl and instantly recognized her…and yet I couldn’t remember her name or why I knew her so well. Curse you, mommy brain! This baby is sucking out all of my brain cells.

As the party started winding down, I turned to see about a dozen tired husbands sitting around mostly empty tables. What a priceless visual! And it made me glad I’d left mine back at home. I’m sure he was glad, too, ha! With more than 200 guests, this reunion was going to go down in the record books for sure. I don’t think we had so many at the last one of these I attended a decade ago. I was there four hours, but I could have stayed so much longer talking to people. Alas, I had that cruel toddler wake-up call in the morning, so at midnight I knew it was time to scoot. I’m sure there were after parties, and I’m sure they were fun. Sigh. Perhaps in another ten years when Violet is 11 (yikes, I can hardly imagine that!) I’ll go to one of those.


Violet is 14 months old!

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My girl is officially a toddler! Here’s what she’s been up to this month:

  • Violet has mastered the art of walking. Unlike her brother, she seemed to catch on a little bit at a time. But once we got back from our Malta trip, she really started taking off. And it is the cutest thing you ever did see.
  • It’s not Mama or Mommy, it’s Mom. And she says it like she’s from Chicago.
  • We’ve had a rough month of teething. She got two more bottom teeth, one more top tooth, and 3 molars in the past 30 days. She’s had a lot of trouble sleeping.
  • When I was a baby my mother used to put books in my crib. I’ve passed on the tradition to Violet. She loves turning the pages in her board books while waiting for me to get her in the morning. I have a video monitor, so I can watch her switch from book to book as she makes her way around the crib. So cute.
  • Even though she can walk on her own, she still wants to lead me or daddy around by a finger. Parents aren’t allowed to sit, evidently.
  • Along with “hi” she can say “hello.” Except it sounds more like “Heh-row.” She also likes to wave…with both hands.
  • No more baby signing — either I’ve gotten lazy with the teaching, or she doesn’t want to do it. Probably a mix of both. Throwing food on the floor means “all done” apparently.
  • I’m trying to teach her to be gentle…to no avail. She still pinches, hits and grabs at her family members, much to Liam’s chagrin. We had a play date with her little buddy Jaxon, and she spent most of the time abusing him. He’s a tough nut to crack, though, so he didn’t mind too much. While I’m nursing her she loves to grab my nose and my ears. Sometimes I have to hold her hands down when it gets especially annoying.
  • She’s discovered how to pick her nose. Learned that from her brother, I’m sure.

Violet is 13 months old!

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DSC_0072 (2)This girl is getting some personality…which is both good and bad. Here’s what she’s been up to this month:

  • After weeks of sleepless nights and general crankiness, tooth number six finally made an appearance this week. Now she has three on the top and three on the bottom, sort of catty-corner from each other, so her smile is going to look adorably crooked.
  • She’s back to sleeping in the crib again, thank heaven! It takes a little more effort — after nursing, oftentimes I have to stick around and pat her back. If her little head pops up as I’m trying to sneak out, I have to walk over and rub her back some more. But it works! That is until she wakes in the middle of the night, which still happens every third night or so.
  • Violet loves to smile. She breaks out into a big grin whenever anyone looks at her. Her grins are infectious, especially on the bus. Oh, they love her on the bus! It also helps that she says “hi” to anyone and everyone she sees. She also says ouch, ohi (the greek word for “no” pronounced oh-hee), and I got her to say “Geia sou” (Greek for “hello” pronounced ya-soo) one time. She hasn’t quite gotten the gist of waving, but she sure loves to greet people!
  • My baby is a carnivore! She loves chicken, bacon, hamburgers, ground beef tacos, cold cuts, shredded pork, and I’m sure if she could manage it, she’d happily gnaw on a Kansas City Strip. But the only fruit she’ll eat is avocado, and the only vegetable she seems to like is corn. I gave her a raw mushroom to try, and she looked at me like, “This isn’t really food, is it?” She wouldn’t try it, and instead tried to put it in my mouth. How did I get cursed with another picky eater?!
  • Unlike her brother, Violet does not seem to care much for milk. But it kind of makes sense…with him I almost seamlessly switched from formula in a bottle to milk in a bottle. I’m still nursing her, with no plans to stop in the immediate future, and she’d much rather get milk from me than cow’s milk in a cup. I’m not too concerned as long as she’s still nursing. She’s getting old enough to tug at my shirt and do a little nose-dive at my cleavage to let me know she wants some mommy milk. I’m always happy to oblige.
  • This girl loves to cruise. She recently got the hang of her push walker, but she still prefers to hold my hand. She’s down to holding just one finger now, and she can take as many as six steps on her own before she sits down. When she gets to the edge of a table or wall, she’ll emit a single, ear-piercing screech and thrust her hand up, scrunching her face like she’s using every ounce of her being to reach me. Who could refuse that?

DSC_0058 (2)

  • Thanks to Gymboree, she’s gotten very good at helping me clean up. She loves putting objects away or giving me the toys out of her bath, all while I sing our special clean up song. She’s also helping me get her dressed with her arms and legs, she prefers to feed herself with a spoon, and she just about won’t let me brush her teeth for her. I want to do it myself, mama!
  • Also related to food, she likes to have a variety at her disposal at mealtimes. I find myself littering her tray with odds and ends, then going back to the kitchen to see what else I can find in the pantry. Finally I’ll find the thing she seems to want to eat, and she’ll tuck in… at least until she’s sick of that and wants something else.
  • Violet’s hair continues to get thicker and curlier, especially in the back. She’s got little wings of blond behind her ears. She looks just like the Gerber baby.
  • Her interest in climbing has only grown stronger. I caught her trying to climb the inside of the pantry, using her toys to climb up to the fireplace, hooking her feet to the side of the pack ‘n play to climb out, and I know it’s only a matter of time before she figures out how to climb over the chairs I’ve laid down over the small set of stairs in the living room. I had to put away both of her little rocking chairs because she kept standing up on them, and the other day she toppled the rocking horse on top of herself when she tried to mount it by herself. The embassy is sending some guys to hang pictures for us this week, and we’re going to have them anchor all of the bookshelves and the tall wardrobe in the foyer. And we plan to mount all of the TVs. This child is going to keep us on our toes!


And just for fun, here’s what Liam was up to at 13 months. Funny how different they were at the same age…and also how much the same. Oh, and two weeks after I posted that, Liam was full on walking.

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