Photos from Jill’s Trip

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As promised, click here.


The highs, and then the lows

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Evie and Jill came to my work yesterday for our office trick-or-treating event. Evie was a-freaking-dorable. I promise, I’ll have pictures next week. Jill dressed her as a ballerina, with a pink and green tutu she received as a baby shower gift. It was still a little big, but that made it even more adorable, watching her stomp her way up the hallways (she’s a walking now!), and tugging her skirt up. It took her a couple tries to get the hang of trick-or-treating, but once she understood, she just flitted from one cube to the next, taking candy and putting it in her bag. Usually by the fistful, which Jill had to put back. Then Evie got the bright idea to start taking candy out of her bag and put it back in random people’s bowls. Then she tried to steal another kid’s candy. All in a hard day’s work, lol. She was quite a hit with the camera lady — I have a feeling some pics of her will end up in our company newsletter.

Amid all that fun, I got a call from my doctor with annoying news. Nothing life-threatening, but not what I wanted to be dealing with right now. James and I are off to DC tomorrow to do some house hunting, and we won’t be back until Tuesday night. Work’s been a big shitball of stress, and somehow I’ve got to fit in a four-hour doctor appointment. Plus, there’s some snafu with my iron supplement prescription I’ve got to work out today, and of course, my doc’s office is closed. Hopefully poor little Liam can go without the extra iron for another week. He’s a tough little one, judging from all the kicking, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Tonight I’m off to Jill’s for trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. I’ll be sure to get lots more cute pics.

Birthday Wrapup, a cool present for me, and new TV

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Evie’s birthday on Saturday turned out great — minimal fuss and maximum gifts. Jill made this awesome butterfly cake, Evie was as cute as ever, and Camden was on his best behavior. Check out the photos.

And now it’s official. That hubby of mine is old. Of course, he’s quick to tell everyone that I’m actually older. But after 30, who keeps track, anyways? I made him a red velvet cake, as requested, and as I was making it, I realized that I’d never actually made a layer cake before. Not that I can recall, anyway. So it wasn’t exactly perfect — more of a mound and less of a cake-shape, and I ended up using the cream cheese icing like spackle on the sides. But no matter, it tasted goooooood.

In other news, Jessaca‘s sister Chance made me this awesome new purse. Is it wrong that I’m stoked that it matches both of the baby slings I have? I’ll probably look like a walking nightmare the first few months after Liam is born, but at least my accessories will match 🙂

Tonight I caught the premier of Fringe, the new JJ Abrams show on Fox. It was pretty good, though I don’t think it hit the ball out of the park. Commercials for upcoming epis looked exciting, so we’ll see if it delivers. Tho, i must admit, I was annoyingly distracted by how much Joshua Jackson resembles an a-hole ex-boyfriend of mine, in both looks and mannerisms. Those of you who knew me in college know which one I’m referring to. I’m hoping this doesn’t kill the show for me. Being an X-Files fan, I really want to like this show.

Birthdays and Job Prospects

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Evie turns one year old today, yay! Jill’s throwing her a party tomorrow, and she’s decorated the house with butterflies. Very cute. James hasn’t seen his niece in awhile, and I’m hoping she’ll warm up to him a little more this time. Usually she just eyes him warily, heh. I’m heading over early to watch Evie while Jill takes care of the last-minute party preparations. You know me, always eager to babysit.

And Sunday that hubby o’ mine turns 30. He only had two requests for me. Well, three really. 1) He wants a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. 2) He wants to eat at Jazz for dinner. 3) Absolutely, under no circumstances, am I to throw him a party. I think I can manage those.

James had his phone interview with the Fairfax job yesterday, and he said it went well. They were a bit disorganized — apparently they didn’t even have his resume, so he spent a good part of the interview filling them in on his job experience. And this left him wondering how they even decided to pick him for an interview in the first place. It might mean slim pickings, which bodes well for his chances of getting the position. The government has issued a new mandate, in which they’re supposed to fill jobs within 20 days of conducting interviews. So, if the rules are followed, we’ll know one way or the other by the end of the month. He told them he’d need 6 weeks to make arrangements for a move, and they agreed to that.

So i guess we’ll see. I’m at once excited the ball is rolling for him, and dreading the possibility of leaving. Of course if I had my druthers, we’d stay through next February. But I’m wondering now if moving with a just-born infant, and not knowing what condition I’ll be afterward, is really the best option. I’m feeling pretty good right now. Great, in fact. I’m sure I could handle a move in the next couple of months. And I would have time to arrange for a new doc, new hospital, and eventual day-care. The major downside, of course, is I won’t have any family nearby to help me out. And Evie won’t get to meet her new cousin for awhile. And I won’t get to bring Liam in to work to show him off. And it’s going to be hard for my parents to visit because they have to drive, and it’s difficult for my dad to get time off. But I’ll have a happy husband. And supportive friends nearby. And I can choose to work from home full-time, which eases some of my mommy concerns.

The weekend

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I hate to admit it, but this new Dyson totally rocks. With various coupons and discounts we get at Best Buy, we managed to get $100 knocked off the hefty price, which eased my mind a bit. The one we got has a swivel ball instead of traditional wheels, so instead of vacuuming back and forth, you can use it more like a lawn mower, up one side and down the other. And it corners around things we never could before. When we got it home, James vacuumed the whole house by himself in about 15 minutes. James, who never, ever vacuums. Yeah, this thing was worth every penny.

Saturday afternoon, James’s dad drove up from Springfield to spend the holiday weekend with us. We took him to one of his favorite dinner spots, Thai Place, Saturday night. Then we tried him out on Korma Sutra for lunch the next day, which was a beeeeg hit. We spent Sunday at the WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial, probably the best museum KC has to offer these days. Even sprung for the ticket to ride to the top of the Liberty Memorial tower. Then we hiked down to Union Station to take a quick look around. My calf muscles are still paying for the return uphill hike to the car 🙂

After a huge breakfast and farewell on Monday, I headed over to Jill’s house to help watch Evie while Doug tried to get some homework done. He’s got a ton of reading and writing to do for his classes this semester, and I’m not sure how he’s managing to fit it all in. Figured I would do my part to help. Evie was cute as ever, even going down for her nap with minimal fuss. Jill and I had a photo shoot — figured it was time for 5 month belly pics, heh. I also brought her a little present — an old webcam that James and I bought and don’t need anymore. I figured if there’s a good chance we’re moving to DC (his interview’s on Thursday, and there’s a chance they may even offer him the job that day, yikes!), then it would be fun for Jill to get on Skype so I can see how Evie’s getting bigger and more ornery. It’s funny to ponder that Evie might meet her cousin online before she meets him or her in person.

Oh, and Evie did the most hilarious thing. I was downstairs with her and Doug, and Escape from New York was on TV in the background. Suddenly, Evie looks at the TV, sees a grizzly Kurt Russell, and proclaims, “Daddy!”. Minus the eye-patch, I think she was spot on.

A good trade, fun with the niece, and kudos for James

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Thursday I went in for a much needed prenatal massage. It felt sooo good after all of my hectic work travelings. And as much as I’ve been complaining about my workload, I managed to pick up another freelance gig. But this will be worth it. My massage therapist wants a new logo and some brochures, and we worked out a trade. Design work for massages. Sounds good to me!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Jill and Evie. Evie’s getting in some new teeth, so she was all drooly and runny-nosed. And not in a very good mood. But we managed ok. We had lunch at Nick and Jake’s in Northland where we both had the most awesome Kobe beef burgers. There’s one down south, as well, so I think I’m going to set a lunch outing to try them again. I might have to rearrange my top 10 burger list yet again!

James got back from Atlanta last Saturday, and apparently his training session went very well. He was the only presenter to get applauded, and all of his feedback forms were positive. He did so well that the people running the show sent an email to the uppity ups to praise his talents. We’re hoping this bodes well for the job he recently applied for in DC — it was for a training position, and he’s taken so much to this, I think he’d really enjoy it.

Some news on the job front. One of the positions he applied for in DC has been filled. And he has an interview on Wednesday for the supervisor position in the Lee’s Summit office. He’s made it on the list for three other positions in DC. So the ball is rolling, ever so slowly.

Evie Pics, as promised

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Saturday was my last babysitting day while Doug attends his classes, so I was sure to snap up lots more pics. I did manage to cull them down to a somewhat reasonable number. But it so hard — she’s so damn cute! You can check out the whole album here.

Before you know it, this little one will be turning one (on September 5th), and I’m sure I’ll be there with the camera to catch all of the cake-in-her-hair moments. I’m hoping by the time January comes around she’ll be able to understand the cousin-on-the-way concept. Probably not, but I’m sure she’ll get it once she meets said cousin.

Just got off the phone with Jill (she just saw the photos and loved them), and it turns out she needs me to babysit on Saturday again. Yay! And this time I’ll get to do something new — James needs me to pick him up from the airport, and since Jill lives so close to it, I’m going to drive Jill’s car and take Evie with me. So now James will get to see Evie at her cutest, finally, and I’ll get to try my hand at working the car seat. I’ll need the practice, for sure.

Evie said “Auntie”!

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Or, at least I think she did. Her vocab has expanded to include Thank You (tank-oo), dog, daddy, and various baby babble. Jill and I took her to the pool on Thursday, and while passing her back and forth between us, I said, “Say, Auntie!” and what came out resembled “nn-tee!” Jill was skeptical, but I think she’s a little disappointed Evie hasn’t said Mommy yet. No worries, whenever Jill’s around we know she’s Evie’s favorite.

Evie took well to the pool — a good sign, since neither Jill nor I really cared for swimming as kids. She learned the hard way not to drink the water (sputter, bleh!), and she managed to dip her face under inadvertently a couple of times, but she shook it off pretty well.

Jill managed to tighten the straps a bit on her baby bike trailer, and Evie fits snug now. She took her for a spin the other morning, and Evie loved it. If it’s not too hot this weekend, I might be able to talk her into going for a spin. Saturday is my last day for babysitting, and I’m hoping I can talk James into coming up at lunchtime. I’ll be taking lots of pics, and I plan on sharing them sometime the week after. So far they’ve come out very cute, but we’ve come to expect that 😉

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