The nursery is finally coming together

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I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have the time and the space to set up a proper nursery before Violet arrives. When I was pregnant with Liam, we didn’t even have a room for him in the house we rented in Olathe, and after we moved to Maryland, we didn’t get his room set up until a few months after he was born. He just slept in the bed with us, and we used the pack n’ play as a crib and changing table.

But this time around we’re all set. The room is already painted, we’ve got a hand-me-down crib from my sister that actually matches the dresser and glider, and we’ve got all of Liam’s old baby things stored in the garage. This weekend we finally got the new dressers we ordered for our room, so it was time to do the last of our furniture rearranging – Violet gets our big dresser, Liam gets our smaller chest of drawers, and we’re discarding the chest that got broken in our move from MD to FL. (Somehow packing tape has kept the thing together).

We’d moved all of the boxes of Liam’s old things out of the garage and into the nursery, and Liam couldn’t wait to see what treasures were inside. We found the baby bath, which of course he had to test:


He said, “But this is too small!” Not for the new baby, silly. And then we opened the Best Box Ever! Liam’s old baby toys!


He seriously played with this stuff for hours. Three days in a row, even! Which helped this dreadfully long five-day-weekend go by a little faster.

I found the rest of the parts to the baby swing, and I managed to put together the little vibrating, ocean-themed baby bouncer without the instructions. Yep, I got skills. That just leaves baby clothes and the crib to tackle sometime before April 19 (in case she pulls a Liam and decides to come a month early). And my mom will be recovering our glider in a color that matches the room better, probably a lush maroon.

Our usual babysitter, Alex, has decided to change schools to be closer to home, so we asked her to babysit next Saturday night while James and I start registering for the things we’re missing. My mom-in-law wants to get us a frilly bassinet, so we’ll be looking at those, and we need a new infant car seat and Baby Bjorn. I also want to get a little teddy bear décor: a lamp, a mobile, maybe a crib bedding set. We’ve got so many hand-me-downs, I feel like we can splurge a little. My mom wants to throw me a baby shower, but I’m going to keep it small. I feel a little guilty having one for a second child, but I read somewhere that it’s considered ok if you’re having a child of a different gender. And we will need some girly stuff!

I want to pick up some little pink hangers before I tackle the clothing boxes. Plus, my mom says she has a few boxes of clothes in her attic that I need to pick up next time I’m in KC. It’s mostly boy stuff, and all of Liam’s old newborn stuff is the wrong season, but I’m sure to glean enough unisex onsies and footy pajamas to get us started. Besides, going through baby clothes is soooo fun! It’ll probably take me weeks with all the ooo’ing and ahh’ing. 


Doing our part to stimulate the economy…

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It was a snowy Saturday shopping spree for us. After doing some research, I compiled a whole list of discount furniture stores to look for the necessary pieces to fill up this giant house of ours. And wouldn’t you know it, we found just about everything at the first place! We’ve been looking for a proper bed for months now (seems a shame to keep putting that fancy memory foam king size on the floor), and we found exactly what we were looking for at Marlo Furniture. It was low to the ground like we wanted, with some padding on the headboard, and even the color we wanted. We also found a sectional that fit our needs exceptionally — two recliners and a chaise lounge piece. All of it was discounted 20%, so even though the total bill was high, we felt like we’d gotten a bargain.

Next stop was Great Beginnings, a baby shop we’d heard about through friends. A very helpful store clerk pointed us to a discontinued Pali that was deeply discounted just because they don’t carry that color anymore. We found a great glider and ottoman set that we loved so much, we didn’t care that we couldn’t match the wood color. We’ll see how it looks altogether, but our plan is to contrast the natural wood in the crib w/ the dark mahogany of the glider, dressers, and whatever else we decide to pick up. I mean, who really cares if it matches perfectly, anyways? I’m sure Liam won’t.

Then it was on to our favorite store ever, the Ikea. There we found a coffee table for only $50, and dressers to match our new bed and the baby’s room.

The crib we took home right away, but the glider we won’t be getting for awhile (I can get a loaner if the baby beats the glider to our house, lol). I think Christmas will be nursery-putting-together week. James will be putting dressers together this weekend, and our bed and sectional should be here on Friday. With any luck, this house will be nearly photographable in another week, yay!

Today at lunch I discovered the wonders of Trader Joe’s, where I picked up ingredients for tomorrow night’s dinner. Julie has graciously offered to help me put the kitchen away and cook us dinner — such a sweetie!

Also (does the news ever cease?), James started his new job today, and he’s very happy. They’ve already got work lined up for him, and it’s looking like they won’t be needing him to travel even as much as they told him before. Though, ironically, his first trip might be to KC in the spring.

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