Singshot, yay!

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I’m at it again. I better quit now before I look at the clock and it’s 3 AM.


More online karaoke….

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Seems the more songs i record, the more James makes fun of me. Well, poo poo on him, I made it to the Singshot homepage this morning!! I’ve got the third highest “Top Member” rating (at the moment, anyway). So there! I don’t care if it’s dorky or lame. I’m having fun.

15 minutes of fame

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Lord, this online karaoke thing is bordering on obsession. I’ve promised myself I’m not going to look at it at tomorrow. You’d think James coming home would be a distraction, but when he came home he called his mom, i fed him dinner (which was a big hit–thanks, mom!), and then he promptly went to sleep, lol. guess he’s still jet-lagged.

Before he came home I recorded a whole bunch of songs, thinking it would get it out of my system. But, no, here i am again at midnight checking out my scores. and i’m thrilled to have the top score in two of my songs! I didn’t think that would happen! Course, it probably won’t last. As they say, all’s fair in love and karaoke. Er….

OMG is it really 2 AM?!

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Wow, online karaoke is worse than the Sims at sucking up your evenings, heh. But I’m having soooo much fun. My top score is 93! And I’ve got a fan! Let’s just hope I’m not keeping the neighbors up with my random note belting. Actually, if it’s the neighbors upstairs, screw them. They keep me up with their random foot stomping.

Check out my new tunes. I’ll likely do more this week until James comes home on Saturday–then I’ll be too embarrassed to carry on. Maybe.

a quick note between file uploads

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James is safe in Burundi, and the great news is, he’s got free internet access. I’m hoping this means I’ll be able to talk to him almost everyday. And he should be checking his email most nights, in case anyone wants to email him.

I’ve discovered a fun new hobby. This skype phone doubles as a microphone, and there’s this karaoke website i found called You can record a song, and people can vote and leave comments. Some people on here are REALLY good. Course, some suck, heh. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. My name is MandyDC, if anyone wants to hear my attempts at melody :)At least this is satisfying those insatiable karaoke urges I sometimes get, without having to embarrass myself trying out for American Idol. (I’m sure I’d never make it past tryouts. Simon scares me.)

Gotta finish packing this afternoon, and then I’m off to KC for the holiday. Looking forward to seeing gram and gramps, and aunt and uncle from Indianapolis. We’re going to have a very full house on Thurs–fuller than it’s been in years. We might even have to have a “kids” table–likely consisting of me, Jill, her boyfriend, and his 4-year-old son. We’re all mentally the same age, so should be good 🙂

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