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For any fans of the show, I thought this was an interesting essay about the finale. Also, I love her little recaps, so hilarious. Be sure to check those out, too.

I talked to my mom last night, and apparently she interpreted that ending differently than I did. She thought they all died in the plane crash, and the island served as a test for them, and it was all in Jack’s mind/afterlife/whatever. So the whole thing was in his mind, or in his afterlife. Damn. That kinda fits, too. Though, I still think, or want to believe, that what happened on the island was real. No matter how fantastic, I like to think something magical like that could really exist. So I’m standing by my theory, that the island was real, and the reward for all the Losties came full circle in their sideways world. They didn’t die in the crash, but they met up again after their deaths because of what they experienced and accomplished in their lives and on the island.

Any other theories out there?



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Getting my Lost on for the last night ever…and still trying to wrap my head around that ending. Perhaps it’ll make more sense in the morning (SPOILERS AHEAD!), but if I surmised correctly, all of the characters die at some point in time, and they all meet up in the end to “move on”. Why they were picked for the island seems unimportant in the grander scheme, except that it was for them to have experienced it together in life, and then after life. Jacob said he picked them because they all had rough lives, so maybe he was ensuring they’d have a happy afterlife together. And what Desmond says is right, it’s didn’t really matter if Jack saved the island or not. It reminded me a bit of the ending of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which doesn’t surprise me, as JJ Abrams is admittedly a SK fan. Aside from some lingering confusion, I loved how they brought the storyline full circle, bringing back some beloved characters, and reminding us of all of the connections. I think the saddest deaths on  this show were Charlie and Juliet, and unsurprisingly, they were my favorite reunions.

So, if I’m getting this right, the sideways world where none of them end up on the island is like purgatory, sort of. They live out their lives there until they figure out they can move on by finding the others they’re connected to. I’m guessing that Rose and Bernard aren’t in the church because they made their own life together on the island, and said they didn’t want to be involved with the others. And Michael and Walt weren’t there because…Michael betrayed them, maybe? And perhaps Ben doesn’t enter the church because he needs to jog his daughter’s memory, and maybe even Rouseau’s, so they can all move on together. And I don’t think the physicist was there with Charlotte – Desmond alluded to that when he told his mother he wouldn’t be leaving with him, but as if to say he was leaving eventually.

Well, it’s still not making complete sense, but I’m getting there. Perhaps they’ll air a wrap-up with the creators so they can explain everything. Ha ha, or probably not…I think they like keeping their fans guessing. Either way, I think I may just have to re-watch that episode tomorrow. And at some point re-watch the whole series. Perhaps it’s not the last night for Lost after all!

Gearing up for Lost

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Check out this hilarious five-minute video recap of the entire Lost series. Yeah, the show is that crazy. And I love it.


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**Don’t read if you missed tonight’s episode!**

What a great season this has been! And all culminating into tonight. We see how Jin dies — so sad! And I guess Michael has fulfilled his purpose for the island, cuz he died, too. We see how Ben ends up in a desert wearing a parka (I was totally watching for Locke to hand back that baton weapon thingy). Sort of a confusing side story with the Australian anthropologist claiming she’d been born on the island? Or something? Not sure I caught all of that. I’m sure they’ll expand on that next season. I’m sooooo happy Desmond finds PEN-NAY. And Ben actually moves the island! Interesting that Jack still doesn’t believe it. More of that tug-of-war between faith and science.

I was a little suspicious when they revealed early on who was in the coffin, and a little put out that it might be a character they’ll be introducing in the future. Hurley’s conversation with Sayid when he comes to break him out tipped me off that this Jeremy guy was an alias. But when they panned over the coffin to show Locke dead, I was totally shocked! I think I even shouted, “Get. Out!”

Most shocking of all, baby Aaron never seems to get hungry! Seriously, his mom’s been missing for days, and he’s only a few months old, so he wouldn’t be weaned yet. Was there some Dharma formula stashed away somewhere? Like, in Kate’s sock? How else would you explain such a complacent baby floating on a raft until dark? When Evie was that age, if you even thought about going more than two hours between meals, you got the business end of her wrath.

Anyways, can’t wait to see what the next season brings, how Jack convinces them all to return to the island, and what “bad things” happened while he was away. It’s going to be a long summer…


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**Don’t read if you missed tonight’s episode!**

Wow. I mean, wow. Best episode this season. Actually, last episode was pretty good, too. This show keeps getting better and better! So last week we learned that Locke was being “courted” by some of the original others, even as early as the day he was born. There’s some talk that his mother, Emily, is also the Emily who gave birth to Ben and died. But I seem to recall Locke talking to his mother, who warned him about his father. Some people think she was part of the scam, but then why would she be warning Locke against his father? That was so long ago, it’s hard to keep straight. It is interesting to think that perhaps Ben and Locke are half brothers, and that they share some sort of genetic gift.

Tonight’s epi had so many surprises, my head was spinning! We see the Oceanic Six being flown to Hawaii, and we see them finally tell the whole story — or, at least the one they concocted. The biggest surprise for me was Kate claiming Aaron was hers. I can’t believe she pulls that off! And Sun tells the press that Jin died in the crash. So that means Jin and Claire aren’t part of the eight who eventually escape — I’m thinking one of them has to be Sawyer. That would explain why Kate was doing a special favor for him in the flash forward a couple of weeks ago. Could the other one be Juliet? I think we’ll find out in the finale. And all of the C-4 on the freighter — does that mean there’s someone else on the boat working for Ben? I don’t think Michael set all of that up. He looked awfully surprised. And Ben is finally taking charge. Did anyone notice he handed that baton thingy to Locke before he went to surrender? I’ll be watching carefully when he gets that back — we know he uses it when he makes it off the island and into that desert.

So presumably, in two weeks, we’re going to find out who the final eight are (or is it final five? I swear the BSG writers must work in the same room as the Lost ones), we’re going to find out how they get off the island, and we’re going to see Locke move the island. Or at least attempt to — that should be fun. And let’s not forget the coffin! I read somewhere that they’re going to reveal that by the end of this season.

I also have to mention that The Office season finale was highly entertaining. Best line was from Oscar, when talking about Ryan getting arrested for fraud, “But the worst crime was the beard.” And that whole bit with the new HR gal thinking Kevin was retarded was hilarious. And I looooved that she did a yoda impression! I think I’m going to like this new character. I knew Jim was going to somehow be foiled in his attempt to propose. But I did not predict Dwight and Angela gettin’ it on at the end. Now that’s a scene no one wants to walk into!


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**Don’t read if you missed this week’s episode!**

Loved this flash forward! So many answers. Let’s see if I can put the timeline together. At some point, six people choose to leave the island, and presumably the rest choose to stay (including Sawyer). Perhaps Claire never turns up while they’re making their getaway, and Kate makes the choice to take Aaron without waiting for her. I could see Jack being pretty upset about that. Sayid goes back to Iraq with Nadia, but after a year of marriage, she’s gunned down, and he starts working for Ben. Sun goes back to Korea, has the baby, and a momentarily sane Hurley comes to visit. Hurley starts to see Charlie, checks into the mental hospital, and starts having those conversations with Jack. Kate becomes legal guardian of Aaron, goes through her trial, sees Jack, who decides to forgive her for taking Aaron without Claire, and he shacks up with her. But then he starts seeing his dad, or his dad’s ghost, or whatever. And goes a little nuts. And Kate leaves him. This finally explains that cryptic reference Jack makes about his dad being drunk up in his office at the end of season three. I’m also thinking that Michael has to be the one in the coffin — the island wouldn’t let him die while he had work to do, but maybe he’d finally fulfilled his destiny. And maybe Jack knows that the island wouldn’t let Michael die, so he’d be surprised to see his obituary.

Some interesting questions, too. If some people choose to leave and some stay, why would Juliette choose to stay? If Hurley and Jack are seeing ghosts of christmas past, as it were, will Sun, Sayid, and Kate also start seeing similar hallucinations? I’ll be curious to see if Kate starts to see Claire. Or maybe the island chooses certain people for certain destinies — like Hurley communicates messages to Jack. Kate takes care of Aaron. Michael’s on the boat doing…something. Ben wards off enemies. And Locke is the key to Jacob. But that’s a mystery I’ve not yet cracked.


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***If you didn’t see last night’s Lost, read no further! ***
Tricky, tricky, Lost writers! When Michael crashed his car, I was like — yes! I knew it! He’s the one in the coffin. But of course, they weren’t going to answer that question so easily. Very interesting what happens to Michael…and I think it gives us some insight as to what eventually persuades Sayid to work for Ben. Love that Linus knows right off that Michael is using a fake name. And I love that Tom is gay, lol.

And we only have to wait a month for new epis (airing April 24 at 9PM now). Gives me time to properly geek out to Battlestar Galactica, which returns April 4. If I can manage to get this mountain of Urban Times done, I plan on doing a season 3 recap this weekend before I head off for San Fran.

Oh, and for my fellow Lost and BSG fans, here’s an amusing comparison of the two.

Lost — Spoiler Alert

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***If you didn’t see last night’s Lost, read no further! ***

Yay for answers! More questions, of course. But answers, yay!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew Sun was going to be one of the Oceanic six, and right from the get-go I could tell that Jin’s flash forward was really a flash back. Certainly after his old-school cell phone got run over by a car. Rule of thumb: When in doubt, check out the cell phones. 🙂

I also knew that Michael would be Ben’s man on the boat. It seemed too obvious last week, so I started to second guess myself. But the minute the camera panned down that hallway on the freighter, I knew that had to be Michael. Where’s Walt, I wonder? I’m guessing when Michael and Walt headed out on the bearing Ben gave them, they ran into the freighter, and Michael assumed the fake name “Kevin”. I’m also guessing that Ben knew the freighter was going to be there, and had sent Michael with instructions. I suppose Walt could be on that boat with him, even though we haven’t seen him yet. I can’t wait to see next week’s confrontation with Sayid!

Despite having guessed early on about Jin, I was still touched at the end when Hurley came to see Sun and her daughter, and they all went to the cemetery to visit Jin. So it seems now we know that eight people make it off the island — Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Claire, and little Aaron–and the two who die are Jin and Claire. This doesn’t preclude other characters making it off the island, though — I’m thinking there’s still a chance for Desmond and Juliet, since they weren’t on the original flight. Certainly we know Ben survives and is able to get off the island. I’m wondering where Michael and Walt fit in — certainly they’d be considered part of the Oceanic flight if they made it back. So maybe they don’t.

As to who is in the coffin at the end of last season, I was leaning more toward Michael, but now I’m thinking it’s Juliet. But then why would Jack only know about her funeral through a clipping in the paper? Unless she betrays him and they never speak again. Ahhh, speculation! As I understand it, we’ll be finding out before this season ends.

Also interesting that the captain of the freighter insinuates that Ben has something to do with the fake crash of Oceanic 815. Michael slips a note under their door that says, “Don’t trust the captain,” which has me wondering if the captain has it all wrong and is after Ben because of something else, or if Ben is playing them all, and he really is responsible for faking the crash.

Best line, from Jin, “Sun teaches me some English. And Sawyer, too. But Sun is better.”

Lost — Spoiler Alert!

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While this epi wasn’t as thrilling as last week, I still found some interesting clues to this great Lost mystery. We find out that Penny’s dad is indeed behind the people on the freighter, and he’s after Ben. I’m not sure we can trust everything Ben says about it, though. Certainly not after it seems he tried to release some poison gas. I found that whole part of the episode a little hokey — if Ben intended for Juliette to shoot Daniel and the anthropologist so the poison gas would be released, and it would kill everyone on the island, what exactly was his plan of escape? He was either locked in a room, and with everyone dead, he’d be trapped in there. Or he’d be in his living room with Locke explaining the bit about Penny’s dad, and he’d be exposed with the rest of them. I don’t really get why they even had to include that part of the story. I guess to prove that Ben wasn’t trustworthy, just as it seemed he was confiding in Locke. Annoyingly, we don’t find out who his man on the freighter is, but we have to suppose it was someone so surprising, Locked needed to sit down to hear it. Judging from the trailers for next week, I think it has to be Michael. (Last minute amendment: After talking to Jessaca, I think I agree with her theory, that the man on the boat is Sayid. Michael is too obvious. I bet Sayid knows Ben from before he was on the island, and that’s why he’s working for him in the future. Can’t wait to see next week’s epi!)

An interesting tidbit — near the beginning of the episode, we see that Ben is reading Valis, by Philp K. Dick, one of my favorite sci-fi authors. (Famous for Blade Runner and Minority Report). If you read the synopsis, which seems even more bizarre than this TV show, a two-year-old messiah reveals that an ancient, mechanical intelligence has been guiding the main characters. These Lost writers love their literary references, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that ties into the plot somehow. Perhaps the island is a mechanical intelligence, and it’s controlling the fates of everyone on Earth.

Last week’s epi prompted me to re-read Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, in which the main character becomes “unstuck in time,” much like Desmond did. In the novel, Billy Pilgrim appears to live his whole life out of order, a life that includes fighting in WWII, becoming a prisoner of war in Dresden and witnessing the bombing, then being abducted by aliens and put on display in a human zoo. The aliens were called Tralfamadorians, and they existed in four dimensions. One poignant quote I gleaned that might hold some Lost significance: “The most important thing I learned on Tralfamadore is that when a person dies, he only appears to die. He is still very much alive in the past… All moments past, present, and future, always have existed, always will exist.”

So it goes.


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Wow. Favorite episode of the season so far. Wow.

So this time-travel element does help explain Desmond’s clairvoyance to a certain extent — perhaps his flashes were him sort of flashing forward a few hours or days at a time, and then slipping back. And the act of leaving the island just intensified it. I wonder if there’s any significance to him flashing back to 1996? Hilarious Back to the Future moment with Desmond and the physicist at Oxford — I can’t believe Desmond remembered those numbers! And I totally predicted that the physicist would have written down that Desmond came to visit him — makes sense that Desmond will become his “constant” if something goes wrong. The fact that he knew he’d be going to the island — presumably Desmond told him about the crash — fits with his reaction to seeing the crash on TV. Although I’m wondering, if he was crying, does he know something else that’s going to happen as well? Something tragic?

Very touching moment between Desmond and Penny — I’d say the only really believable love story on this show. He’s likely not one of the Oceanic 6, but that doesn’t mean he never makes it off the island.

Here’s an interesting question — the physicist was studying the effects of intense electromagnetism on rats. Does this mean the Dharma people were doing that, too? Or is this some naturally occurring electromagnetism that the island generates that the Dharma people were simply keeping at bay? And the fact that the physicist was studying it made him a perfect candidate to go on this mission? (though, I’m sure he knew he’d get chosen no matter what).

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