Welcome to the World, Violet!

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It was like a self-fulfilling prophesy. In the morning on Mother’s Day I told James I wondered if I’d be getting the best gift ever: my baby girl…and to not be so dreadfully, largely and uncomfortably pregnant anymore. I still had another 10 days to go before her due date, but I think we all had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it quite that long. I’d been having intermittent contractions all day, but nothing worth heading to the hospital for.

We decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with an early dinner at Olive Garden. I loaded up on the spicy food: a spicy calamari appetizer and the spicy Italian sausage soup. I’d take a bite…pause…contraction…take another bite. Sensing these contractions were starting to kick into high gear, we opted to stuff ourselves silly and ordered dessert. Hospitals are notorious for starving you until delivery. With a full belly I waddled to the car, Liam waddling after me and proclaiming that he, too, had a baby in his belly. A food baby! A couple laughed at his antics in the parking lot. This kid is such a clown.

By 6 PM the contractions were coming faster, within the requisite 5-6 minutes, though they weren’t nearly as intense as they’d been six years ago. No back labor, huzzah!! I called my neighbor, Renee, and we packed a bag for Liam to stay the night with her family. We finished packing up our stuff for the hospital, and away we went. Totally chill. No rushing, no worrying. This might even be a false alarm.

We got to the birthing center, settled into our room, and after testing to see if my water had broken (apparently it had), they set me up with a Pitocin drip and informed me this baby was on her way. I couldn’t believe my water had broken without my noticing it. I guess her little head, nestled so snuggly in my pelvis for weeks, had plugged it up all day. It’s standard practice to deliver at least 24 hours after the water breaks to guard against infection, hence the need for Pitocin.

Disappointedly, I was informed that my doctor wasn’t available for a Sunday night delivery, so his partner and one of the residents would be handling things. Dr. Sobbing (what a name!) chatted with us a bit and put our minds at ease. Honestly, after the ordeal we had with Liam’s delivery in DC with a doctor we had only met the week before, this wasn’t that big of a deal. The resident, a young guy in chunky glasses, did most of the checking in on my progress, and James and I joked that Doogie Howser was delivering our baby. The nurses fussed about with my fetal monitor – my belly was so strangely oblong that I had to lay on my side to keep the damn thing on. I sat at 3 cm dilated for most of the evening, and then around 10 PM a very surprised nurse managed to un-wedge Violet’s head a bit and – GUSH!! Now that was what I expected with my water breaking. At least it didn’t happen at the Olive Garden!

After that the contractions started getting much worse, and I decided it was time for the good ol’ epidural. It was creeping on midnight, so no Mother’s Day birthday after all. But May 11 was still fine by us. (Interesting fact: Violet’s birthday is the same backwards as it is forwards: 5-11-15) The anesthesiologist was apologetically late, and after much painful prodding and, as she described it, bee stings (ouch!!), I was able to relax. Natural childbirth, whatever.

11165232_1000097550000359_3949268310741926055_nAt 3:41 AM, after just four pushes, out little Violet Annabelle came! She weighed 8 pounds, 1 oz, measured 20 inches long, and was covered in goo. The nurses wiped her off, and because James was too squeamish, I cut my own cord. Which was the coolest thing ever, I must say. I didn’t even realize that was an option. And then we got more than an hour of skin-to-skin cuddles. James and I couldn’t get over how much she looked like Liam. But with lighter brown hair, and a slightly more upturned nose. After some nursing (she latched right on!) and marveling at our little miracle, it was time for me to put an end to our baby-making once and for all. So I handed off our little bundle to James and they wheeled me into the operating room for a tubal ligation. They asked me, like, 20 times if I was sure. Yes, two kids is enough for me, and besides, in the immortal words of Roger Murtaugh, I’m too old for this shit. I’d never had surgery before, so being wheeled on the gurney and having all of that blue cloth draped over me was kind of surreal. I stayed awake for the procedure, and before I knew it, I was back in my room and ready for rest. James had alerted the whole family. Such a difference six years makes: With Liam we were calling my parents, his parents, my sister, etc. This time we texted everyone photos and updated Facebook profusely. News travels much faster these days. 

11210450_1000207763322671_4164116482467511542_nMy parents drove up to stay with Liam while we were in the hospital, and they were Violet’s first visitors. Liam came up after school to meet his brand new baby sister. After holding her for a minute, he seemed to have gotten over the “newness” factor almost immediately. Oh well. My parents were thrilled to pass her back and forth, taking photos with mom’s iPad.

Because I had a hepatitis B infection (apparently fairly common in pregnancy), Violet and I stayed in the hospital for two days. And I needed every hour of that for recovery. My poor 37-year-old body was worse for wear, recovering from both childbirth and surgery. I had to wear a catheter because I’d mysteriously lost the ability to urinate – three weeks later I’m still recovering from that – and James had to stay the night just to get up and pass me the baby so I could nurse her. (I’d handled it on my own the first night, and even with the nurses helping it was totally EXHAUSTING and cumbersome.)


After we finally made it home, my parents stayed through the weekend to help Liam through his last week of school, and I cannot thank them enough for all the help they provided. It amazes me we managed to do this all on our own when Liam was born! But with Liam needing attention and my recovery much harder this time, we definitely needed help.

A week later my mom-in-law arrived, along with James’ sister Kim and her hubby Jacob. They were also a tremendous help, especially with entertaining Liam. In fact, Liam has gotten a ton of swag from his relatives since Violet arrived. No sibling rivalry to report yet!


Three weeks have just flown by, a blur of sleepless nights, dirty diapers and hourly feedings. Violet has a healthy appetite, nursing every 1-2 hours, even through the night. She’d already gained her birth weight back and then some at her two-week doctor’s appointments, so she’s already ahead of Liam. I’m optimistic that breast feeding will come more easily this time around. We’re still working on our latch – for some reason the left side is still painful, maybe because I’m right-handed. Pumping that side and nursing on the right during the day has provided some relief. We plan on letting James bottle-feed her some in another week or so. She doesn’t care for pacifiers, but she does love bouncing on the yoga ball, so she’s a challenge to soothe. We’re wondering if we should have invested in that fancy $250 swing we saw at the baby store that does all the bouncing for us. Our old backs are about to give out! Fortunately for us she’s a pretty chill baby, so she doesn’t cry all that much. Nursing or bouncing almost always does the trick.

Violet has gotten so many clothes that I doubt she’ll wear the same newborn-size dress twice before she outgrows it. I’ve been taking lots of photos on Instagram (@afletch77). She’s like my little wiggly dress up doll – so fun!


Happy Mother’s Day

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And what a wonderful one it’s been so far. James got donuts, and I got to sleep in! Liam’s been a good boy today, whispering sweet nothings to his sister in utero. James got in on the act, too. “You need to get out of there, little girl,” he mumbled into my belly button. I reminded him that he’s actually talking to Violet’s butt right there. That got a laugh out of big brother. I can’t bring myself to cook today (moms should NOT have to cook on Mother’s Day), so we’re headed to Olive Garden later for a mid-day, hopefully not-too-crowded meal.

I’m feeling a bit of a pregnancy second wind this weekend. The swelling in my feet and hands has gone down significantly, and my cold is starting to abate. I feel like I’m getting around a lot better now that I’m not walking on puffy feet. I went to prenatal yoga for the first time in a few weeks, and I think they were a little surprised to see me. It felt good to do all that stretching, and while I was there I decided to sign up for one last prenatal massage next door. Doc gave me the all clear, and in fact thought it might go toward inducing labor, which would be good this week. I’ll be 39 weeks on Tuesday, technically full term. All systems go! My mother-in-law wondered if my swelling going down is a sign of labor to come: she said the same thing happened to her when she was pregnant with Kim, lots of bad swelling followed by it all going down, and she went into labor just days afterward. Time will tell!

Gonna be a Big Brother Soon!

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Liam and I attended a “Big Brother/Sister” sibling class at the birthing center on Saturday, and it really got him into the spirit. They set up activity centers all around the room – Liam especially liked bathing, diapering, and dressing a little doll (whose skin had to match his own, he said. Nothing gets by him.) and figuring out which toys were a choking hazard and sorting them into bins. They gave each kid a button to wear, which of course Liam refused to put on because it had a “sharp part on it.” Why am I not surprised, LOL? Then it was time for a short slide show where the kids learned what newborns do (Drink, Sleep, Cry and Fill their Diapers, snicker, snicker). At the end the nurse quizzed the kids, and Liam eagerly raised his hand and informed the class, “Our baby is going to drink milk from my mom’s boobs!” The other six-year-old in the class got quite a laugh out of that. Who am I kidding, so did I! We went on a brief tour of the birthing rooms, and then one very generous mom let the kids see her newborn baby at the door of her suite. Such a tiny little thing! I have a feeling Vi will be plumper and noisier than that sweet little infant. The class ended with the kids stamping their footprints with the intention of comparing it to the one in their baby books. D’oh! I never did do that for Liam! But I think he’ll get a kick out of comparing it to Violet’s footprint, which I’m determined to get for her baby book this time around.

Today I’m officially 38 weeks pregnant, and there’s no sign Violet is ready to budge. I wondered if she might come on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!), or maybe Cinco de Mayo. But what started out seeming like allergies this weekend feels like a mild cold now, and I’m wondering if my body will decide it’s in my best interest to get well before going into labor. James wondered this morning if all my coughing will induce labor. I guess we’ll see. I go back to the doctor on Thursday for a checkup, so we’ll see if things have progressed. Perhaps she’ll come right in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday?

In the meantime, I’ve been instructed to put my feet up and drink plenty of water, otherwise my feet swell up like a Macy’s Day parade balloon. Which is harder than it seems – despite all the help with cooking and laundry James has put in, I still find lots of things to do around the house that involve standing or sitting at the computer. Um…like blog updating…

37 weeks, are we there yet?

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No cute baby bump photo, and no cute sonogram photo, sorry to say. The former because I’m looking (and feeling) like Jabba the Hut lately, and the latter because baby Vi is so far head down that cute little profiles were impossible to get in today’s sonogram. What we could ascertain was that she has a ton of hair (hopefully curly locks like her mama’s), and she’s about 7 pounds 8 ounces, give or take a half a pound. Doc says that’s in the 87th percentile. Holy crap! Which hopefully explains my whopping 2 pound weight gain since last Thursday, though I’m willing to chalk that up to being weighed at a different office than I normally am. He measured my belly and I gained another cm this week, now at 41. My amniotic fluid was normal, so it’s looking like I’m just carrying a very big baby. There’s not a whole lot to be done, apparently, but to hope she comes out sooner rather than later. They won’t induce prior to 39 weeks, and from what I’ve read, that won’t really help much anyway. Sunday night I had contractions all night long, and I really thought we’d be going to the hospital by morning. But everything calmed down by the time I had to get Liam up, and since then I’ve had the odd painful contraction here and there, maybe twice a day, but that’s it. Despite the cramped quarters, Violet sees fit to kick the crap out of me on an hourly basis. I’m beginning to think her exit strategy consists of ninja kicks and karate chops.

I keep slathering on this snake oil, I mean, stretch mark oil to practically no avail, cinching in my maternity belt just to stand upright, and I’ve pretty much given up on yoga at the Y because of the arthritic-like aches in my hands and ankles (and the aforementioned Jabba the Hut similarity). James is sleeping in the guest room now, and I’ve fashioned myself a cocoon of pillows in the middle of our king size bed. And yet I’m still wide awake from about 3 – 4 AM, plus all the trips to the bathroom. Lazing around the house has kept my ankles from swelling up like they did when my parents were here. Tomorrow I’m getting a much-needed haircut, and Friday James has an important day of swearing in citizens. After that, we want our baby girl now, pleasethankyou.

36 weeks and 4 more to go (in theory)

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9 months

I’ve hit quite a milestone this week. Liam was born at 35 weeks, so this is the pregnantest I’ve ever been (Is that a word? It should be.) And, boy, am I ever feeling it. My ankles and hands are swelling big time, and it’s a minor miracle that I can get out of bed in the morning (along with the three or four visits to the bathroom all night long.) I’m having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, and she’s still moving around like crazy. Mostly she kicks me in the ribs these days. We had our 36-week check-up today, and I gained a whopping 6 pounds since my last visit. The doctor assured me that’s mostly water weight. But, still, 42 pounds seems like a lot to gain for someone my size. Ugh.

He measured my belly…then measured again (like good ol’ Bob Vila) just to make sure that I am indeed measuring larger than normal. Apparently my belly should correspond to the number of weeks along I am, and I’m up to 40 cm now. He ordered another sonogram for next Wednesday just to see how much of that is baby and how much is fluid. Assuming I don’t go into labor before that – it seems Vi is already head down, 60% effaced (whatever that means), and I’m about 2 cm dilated. Nothing to be concerned about, but the doc said at this point I could go in two weeks or I could go tomorrow. But he doubts very much that I’ll surpass my due date. So much for that intuition!

As uncomfortable as I’m feeling, I hope to go at least another couple of weeks. Not only do I have a few appointments I’d like to keep, but she will likely sleep and nurse better the closer to full term she gets. Of course, she’ll also be heavier then, too. Oh well.

Getting Ready…and waiting

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I had my 34-week check up, and all is progressing normally. In two more weeks the doctor will start assessing whether little Violet is preparing for her grand entrance, and I’ll start seeing the doctor once a week after that. It’s strange to contemplate that after next week I’ll be crossing into new pregnancy territory. I only made it 35 weeks into my pregnancy with Liam. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx anything by making all of these plans.

IMG_3544First up, this weekend we’re going to get serious about setting up the nursery. The crib needs assembly, and we need to get the glider up there so I can see what size end table to buy. James and I are also going to switch sides of the bed so I can fit the new bassinet next to me in our room. It’s lavender and girly and perfect! Thanks to my mom-in-law!

Next weekend my mom and sister are throwing me a small baby shower – just lunch and presents at the Olive Garden. I can’t wait to see all the cute girly clothes! Which reminds me…I should add baby’s laundry to my to-do list…

One thing I did recently check off, though, is the tour of the Birthing Center. Our hospital has a separate, more upscale building just for deliveries, and as long as I can make it to 36 weeks, I should be able to deliver there. The rooms are spacious and inviting, and they even include an attached room for family if they choose to stay for awhile. We’ll have to see how that goes – my parents are on standby to drive up when things Get Real, and I’ve got a neighbor who can pick Liam up at school if need be. My in-laws are planning to visit for Memorial Day weekend, which could conceivably overlap the birth if Violet’s a week late. So we may have a lot of family in town, such a far cry from our experience with Liam! Most of the family didn’t even get to meet him until he was 2 months old.

Speaking of Liam, Mr. Proud Big Brother will be attending a sibling class at the hospital the first weekend of May. Hopefully it’ll be more entertaining for him than our tour of the Birthing Center. I had hoped we’d get to see some babies in the nursery, but I guess they don’t do that anymore – all the healthy babies stay in their rooms, and sick babies go to the hospital. He heard the nurse say there was a tunnel under the street from the Birthing Center to the hospital, and he perked up at that, begging to see it and whining when we told him it was just for patients. I think he’s hoping Violet will need to go to the hospital and he can hitch a ride on her gurney. Wheeeee!

So now we’re just waiting. Violet is increasingly getting herself into more uncomfortable positions…for me, at least. Little fingers under the ribs, turning sideways and bulging her head and butt in funny directions. And kicking, oh the kicking! And constant hiccups, it seems. Sleeping is getting increasingly more difficult. The other night I think I pulled a groin muscle trying to roll over. I woke up James with my startled cry, probably freaked the poor guy out! He’s not sleeping well, either, I’m afraid. Between my constant trips to the bathroom all night and my (occasional?) snoring, it’s a wonder that either of us sleep a wink. Sometimes I wake myself up with my own snoring!

Household chores are getting increasingly more difficult to do, too. I’ve been breaking up my cleaning routine over three days, tackling a two-hour stretch of the house at a time, but I can really only manage that every other week. Otherwise I’m just doing the bare minimum. Which kills me…I can’t stand when my house is dirty. But it’s something I’m going to have to get used to. I’m sure keeping the house clean won’t be a priority once Violet arrives. Naps. Naps will be the priority.

I’ve been getting intermittent contractions lately, along with an increased frequency of those squeezy Braxton-Hicks contractions, something I don’t remember experiencing too much last time. Thankfully since I’m not working I can take the time to drink some water, lie down, get in a warm bath, or do some yoga poses to help calm things down. All part of the process, doctor says.

And I’m still keeping up with my thrice-weekly yoga routine. I’ve started bringing in a wedge pillow and using a rolled up mat to help prop me up when it’s time to lie on our backs. All the stretching really does help, so I’m going to keep up with for as long as I can. I can probably squeeze in one more prenatal massage, too. Much pampering this time around. Hey, I’m six years older now. I need it!

James has been a big help getting Liam to bed when I’m really not feeling up to it. I have good days and bad days…which unfortunately doesn’t bode well for Liam’s upcoming zoo field trip. His teacher said it was ok if I played it by ear and paid at the gate. But considering that even a walk to the high school and back for the Easter Egg hunt last weekend gave me swollen feet and an achy back, despite wearing all my maternity belts, it’s not looking good. Oh well. Maybe I can go next year. 

8 months and counting

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31 weeks sono

8 Months

We got another sneak peek at baby Vi last week, and all is looking good. We warned Liam that there was a slight possibility they’d discover she was actually a boy, so that was on his mind when we all sat down and started looking up at the monitor. And, boy, was he in rare form! It was all I could do to stop laughing long enough for the technician to wave that little wand on my belly. He had us all in stitches, just talking, talking, talking. I wish I could have recorded it. At one point we got a very clear shot of her girl parts, confirming once and for all that he was getting a sister, and he remarked, “I know, boys have a penis. You know what? I have a penis.” Oh lord. As we finished up our session, the technician handed Liam his very own 3D copy with “My Sister” written on it because he’d really brightened up her day.

Apparently Violet has a bunch of hair, just like Liam did, and I think I glimpsed her sucking her thumb. We’ve still got a ways to go – May 19 is still a couple months away – but I have a feeling it will go quickly.

Immediately after our appointment, Liam and I hopped in the car and drove three hours to grandma and grandpa’s house. I took one break to stretch my legs at a rest stop, and when I arrived at mom’s I noticed my feet and hands had swollen a bit. It astounds me that James and I drove three days from Kansas City to Maryland at this same stage in my first pregnancy. Granted I was in worse shape then – my feet were terribly swollen, I could hardly breathe through my nose, and I was bordering on gestational diabetes – but I’m still grateful that this spring break trip to KC is going to be my last until our little arrival.

I’m feeling pretty good this time around, all things considered. I’m wearing old lady nightgowns to bed now, which James finds highly amusing. The support belt is a daily must, and even with the whole getup on, I have to watch that I don’t push myself too much. Last night Liam’s school held a “Twilight Trot” at one of the school tracks. The kids and parents could walk around the track for an hour to get some exercise. I went about four laps, resting for a fruit break (Liam ate a whole banana!), and Liam left me in the dust once we found his teacher. He did a couple more laps with her and her friends…a little guy in a striped shirt pumping his little legs to keep up. So adorable. When we got home, the evening’s exertions made themselves apparent – sciatica pain up my left leg and side left me limping around the house. James had to take on the entire bed time routine while I soaked in a bath and went to bed early. Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling much better. And just in time for my monthly prenatal massage! Mmmmm…

We’ve got a lot planned for April: a trip to Botanica for the Fairy Houses and Forts exhibit, Easter with lots of big outdoor presents, tickets to the live-action Wild Kratts show downtown, and a small baby shower at the Olive Garden should keep us busy. We still have to put together the crib (you can tell from the photo), and we found a cute lavender bassinet that also needs assembly. My mom is hard at work re-upholstering our glider, and I’m sure to have a lot of girly baby clothes to launder and put away. I signed Liam up for a Big Kids & Babies class at the hospital May 2, and myself up for an infant CPR class the following week. I’m banking on Violet staying put for as long as she’s supposed to, at least to 37 weeks. Ideally she’ll wait until school is out, just a few days after her due date. But not too long – I have a feeling by May I’m going to be sick of being so fat and immobile.  

Finally, spring!

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Seventy-five and sunny, spring is here! At 3 o’clock I strapped on my full set of maternity belts and set off to get Liam at school. All winter long I’ve missed being able to walk with him to school and back, and I figured this might be my last chance. The belly is only getting bigger. I was doing great, even marveling at how well paced we were (normally he trails me as I holler, “C’mon, slow poke!”), but then about halfway back I noticed my hands and feet were starting to swell. Yikes! We made it home, but I had to take some time to drink some water and put my feet up. I had high hopes I’d be able to volunteer for his zoo field trip in late April, but now I’m not so sure. I may have to spend more time sitting and less time walking.

Our infant car seat and stroller arrived yesterday, and it’s so wonderfully new and shiny and…purple! Yeah! I figured Vi is going to have so many other hand-me-downs, we could afford to splurge on a few new things for her. Liam took the stroller for a spin in the basement, then told me he was going to have to practice pushing it every weekend so he’d be able to take her on walks. Heh, we’ll see how much actual pushing he does – if it gets him excited about walking to the park with me, I’m game, but I have a feeling he won’t be able to see once we’ve strapped the infant seat in the stroller. My poor kiddo needs to grow some more!

This weekend James and I are tackling the garage, rearranging boxes and bins, making our luggage more accessible, lining up our armada of strollers, and getting the last of the big baby items assembled. We just have the swing and crib left. My mom is reupholstering our glider in the coming weeks, and we’re planning a small baby shower in mid-April, so pretty soon the nursery should be complete. Then we just have to sit around and wait. And wait. I’m at 30 weeks now, so in theory we have 10 more weeks to go. James thinks she’s coming early, I think she’ll be late, and Liam thinks she’ll arrive exactly on her due date, May 19. Time will tell!  

We have a sonogram scheduled for next Tuesday, and I’m hoping to get a definitive answer on baby’s gender. Our sonogram technician seemed pretty sure, but I keep having nightmares that she’s going to come out a boy, and we’ll have bought all this pink and purple stuff for nothing! It wouldn’t be the end of the world, of course, but I’ve really gotten excited about having a daughter. Fingers crossed all goes well, and I’ll have some new sono photos to show off, too!

Why, Hello There, Third Trimester!

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7 months bump

We’re in the home stretch! Just three more months to go…or less. I wasn’t entirely surprised to learn I’d gained 8 pounds since my last visit to the doctor’s – twice as much as I should have. Over the past four weeks I’ve given up Pilates for Gentle Yoga, outgrown two pairs of maternity pants, and I’m noticing a lot more lower back pain. I’ve had to break out the maternity support belts on numerous occasions, which makes me feel a bit like I’m going mountain climbing. But it really helps, so whatever. Sleeping has also been an issue. It seems the bump needs it’s own support now when I sleep on my side, so I picked up a wedge at Babies R Us, and that’s helped some. I’m also getting annoying clumsy, dropping things on the floor (and then struggling to pick them up, lol) or bumping the belly into things. Or people. Sheesh.

The doctor measured my belly and said I was measuring a tad big, which is exactly what happened with Liam. But, by some miracle, I managed to pass my initial gestational diabetes test this time. Yay for not having to take the dreaded three-hour test, or even worse, developing diabetes! My blood work did indicate that I’m mildly anemic, so I need to add more red meat and leafy greens to my diet. Steak and spinach, mmmmm.

The doctor sent me home with a pamphlet encouraging me to take some time out of each day to count the baby’s kicks. I’m supposed to time how long it takes her to jab or move 10 times, which according to this brochure, could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Say what, now? This girl easily kicks me 10 times inside of 2 minutes! It feels like she’s moving all the time, in fact, though she does snooze quite a bit, too. And her kicks have gotten noticeably stronger – it amuses me to balance my e-reader on my belly at night and watch as it flits up and down.

I know pregnant gals always complain about being hot, but I’m always freezing! Perhaps because it’s winter. I don’t know. But I have this awesome blue fleece robe (a gift from my mom-in-law, thanks, Patti!) that I practically live in at home.

So now I’ll be seeing the doctor every two weeks, watching for swelling feet (and hoping that doesn’t happen this time) and biding my time until little Violet arrives. We have another sonogram scheduled in March to check on the position of the placenta. Apparently it was a little low on the last scan. I’ve been going to yoga 3 times a week, and getting prenatal massages once a month. And I have to say, I’m feeling much better than I anticipated feeling with my second pregnancy as an “elderly maternity.” I think all of this exercise has really paid off. Let’s hope I can keep it up!

The nursery is finally coming together

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I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have the time and the space to set up a proper nursery before Violet arrives. When I was pregnant with Liam, we didn’t even have a room for him in the house we rented in Olathe, and after we moved to Maryland, we didn’t get his room set up until a few months after he was born. He just slept in the bed with us, and we used the pack n’ play as a crib and changing table.

But this time around we’re all set. The room is already painted, we’ve got a hand-me-down crib from my sister that actually matches the dresser and glider, and we’ve got all of Liam’s old baby things stored in the garage. This weekend we finally got the new dressers we ordered for our room, so it was time to do the last of our furniture rearranging – Violet gets our big dresser, Liam gets our smaller chest of drawers, and we’re discarding the chest that got broken in our move from MD to FL. (Somehow packing tape has kept the thing together).

We’d moved all of the boxes of Liam’s old things out of the garage and into the nursery, and Liam couldn’t wait to see what treasures were inside. We found the baby bath, which of course he had to test:


He said, “But this is too small!” Not for the new baby, silly. And then we opened the Best Box Ever! Liam’s old baby toys!


He seriously played with this stuff for hours. Three days in a row, even! Which helped this dreadfully long five-day-weekend go by a little faster.

I found the rest of the parts to the baby swing, and I managed to put together the little vibrating, ocean-themed baby bouncer without the instructions. Yep, I got skills. That just leaves baby clothes and the crib to tackle sometime before April 19 (in case she pulls a Liam and decides to come a month early). And my mom will be recovering our glider in a color that matches the room better, probably a lush maroon.

Our usual babysitter, Alex, has decided to change schools to be closer to home, so we asked her to babysit next Saturday night while James and I start registering for the things we’re missing. My mom-in-law wants to get us a frilly bassinet, so we’ll be looking at those, and we need a new infant car seat and Baby Bjorn. I also want to get a little teddy bear décor: a lamp, a mobile, maybe a crib bedding set. We’ve got so many hand-me-downs, I feel like we can splurge a little. My mom wants to throw me a baby shower, but I’m going to keep it small. I feel a little guilty having one for a second child, but I read somewhere that it’s considered ok if you’re having a child of a different gender. And we will need some girly stuff!

I want to pick up some little pink hangers before I tackle the clothing boxes. Plus, my mom says she has a few boxes of clothes in her attic that I need to pick up next time I’m in KC. It’s mostly boy stuff, and all of Liam’s old newborn stuff is the wrong season, but I’m sure to glean enough unisex onsies and footy pajamas to get us started. Besides, going through baby clothes is soooo fun! It’ll probably take me weeks with all the ooo’ing and ahh’ing. 

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